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  1. You need to have a active cable subscription OR know somebody who will give you their username and password to their cable account.
  2. I love it. I know its short on characters. I bought the version that will give the 2 extra characters when they are released. I use to love KI back in the day on arcade. My son loves screaming "ULTRAAAAAAAAA COMBOOOOOOOO" when he or I pull one off. I would rather play with an arcade stick but that costs $200 and I'm not into fighting games enough to justify that price.
  3. This the new "thing" on the internet.......this is what the internet has become...........
  4. Oh Japan....you will always keep me entertained with your crazy ****.
  5. ^^^^ I'm dying right now cause I'm hearing the voice in my head. LOL!
  6. I had the same moment. But notice it never comes down. Dead deer in the trees.......that would be interesting.
  7. Case 39. Good solid scary movie. Makes you hope you have wonderfull kids.
  8. ^^^^ That was hilarious and awesome all at the same time!!! :ols :ols
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ss8uUbvprk&feature=player_embedded
  10. I wonder if a player in the locker room requested this as the last time the team was struggling we went on a streak when we put these on. Go Redskins!!!
  11. When can fans meet the owner? You can't. He makes security clear the road at training camp so his driver can get hin out. The same is not done for his players. The guy sucks as a person, as a business man, and as a owner. Eff him.
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