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  2. Not every position can have high picks at them and for the team to get good we need to be at a point where we don't need that
  3. I'm just happy that we are not playing on Thanksgiving, again,
  4. I love when he tosses people!! especially pukes. Allen, Payne, Ion= Best d-front in the league.
  5. That is exactly what Mueller wanted. The theory that Barr jumped in to get ahead of Congress and muddy impeachment is more or less proven now. There really is not reason for Congress not to impeach Trump now. Let the Senate fail to convict, they'll only look EVEN DUMBER when all the OTHER crimes Trump has committed that didn't have to do with the Russian investigation come out. Collusion is not a legal term of art, try again.
  6. That's not true. I don't think that at all. They cleared him of collusion last month.
  7. As I said after the 4 page letter, we were going to and are seeing lots of evidence of conspiracy, BUT beyond a reasonable doubt is a very high bar.
  8. You think Trump is guilty too...but you’re excited that he might get away with it.
  9. It sounds to me like Mueller wanted Congress to decide the obstruction stuff. The report went out of its way to say that 1) They did not exonerate him of obstruction and 2) Congress definitely has the authority to decide whether or not he obstructed.
  10. PeterMP

    What do you Believe??? (Religion)

    1. Why are they surely God's laws as told to Moses? There certainly are historical issues with the Exodus story. Obviously, generating a book with instructions of how to behave in every and any situation isn't very practical and wouldn't be very useful to us. We'd never be able to get through the whole book. The point in general was that there were issues with what was communicated by Moses as the law. Having Jesus go through and say, you can and can't do X and Y for every possible situation wouldn't be very practical or very useful. 2. We use other sources of information to figure out what parts are likely true and which parts aren't. We use our God given brain and senses. 3. He devised multiple methods beyond the Bible. Things like a concise too. 4. Okay so could the fact that you don't see any difference between them be tied to your ignorance? So when Jesus said let your will be done not mine, did Jesus have a choice? Could Jesus have walked away and not been crucified or if had not entered Jerusalem would God have found another way to see him crucified? Were we destined to kill a bunch of Japanese citizens at the end of WW2? If we hadn't dropped the atomic bombs would God have found another way for us to kill large numbers of Japanese?
  11. Hey come back we need your amazing insight again!!!
  12. Why do you say that? I thought Nixon was guilty.
  13. Skinsinparadise

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I think both Collins and DJ are strong against the run, not hot against the pass but hold their own on that front. But I'd still take Collins on the aggregate over DJ. But free safety seems to be a bit of a mess so not sure what happens there. Agree. The O line to me has as many concerns as ever. Surprised considering its arguably what's unraveled (aside from QB) the last two seasons. But maybe they got a lot cooking in the draft will see. Agree that the DT-NT-3-4 DE position is their strength. I was specifically referring to the edge component. So I don't think Kerrigan, R. Anderson > R. Kerrigan and P. Smith and R. Anderson. They need an edge guy to replace Preston. I think they do it in the draft but until they do so IMO its weaker to have Preston-R. Anderson versus just R. Anderson. Yeah I agree in concept. But as for this specific case, I don't think in this case losing Preston Smith, Jamison Crowder, TY, Clinton-Dix are additions by subtractions considering they all play positions of weakness on the team without obvious stud replacements. Could Quinn be better than Crowder? Maybe. I am not sure than Ryan Anderson is better than Preston. Or nor do I like making the weak depth on O line even weaker. I so agree with this in the context of losing Zach Brown and Stacy McGee. And I am not arguing that they made mistakes with this move or that -- just saying I don't think on the aggregate at this time the roster is stronger than 2018. But agree, the draft could change things. Will see.
  14. Throwing orthodox out the window*, the Texans are taking to the open and offering pick 220 and a 2020 6th round pick to move up. Offer will stay on the table until/unless their prime target(s) are selected. *In effect, Houston’s GM is too lazy to backchannel each upcoming GM
  15. Gamebreaker

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Yeah, I'm buying a PS5 day one. The fact they are dropping this info now, tells me the system will be out like Q1 2020. Probably March. I think they'll want to launch before Microsoft comes out with their Scarlett Anaconda console in Fall 2020.
  16. I tuned into the Fox feed online for a few moments. They were actually being somewhat decent until Laura Ingraham phoned in to remind everyone of the nonsense that is going to be getting broadcast this evening.
  17. CNN bottomline Mueller: Congress still has ability to find that president obstructed justice As No Excuses said, get to work pushing back. This ain't the end.
  18. Trade has been recorded.
  19. I’ll try and read this thing tonight, seems interesting from what you all are posting. Doubt anything will happen, of course...
  20. The GOP would be filing articles of impeach today and calling on POTUS to resign immediately.
  21. the report really doesn't paint Trump in a good light. The stories about him trying to fire Mueller and his reaction when Mueller was hired as special counsel are damaging.
  22. Skinsinparadise

    Starting QB 2019???

    Listened to Keim's podcast today. He said they like Rosen but aren't pining for him and there is a limit for what they'd give up. If I understood Sheehan yesterday he said they don't have a first round grade on Rosen.
  23. Get them on record that they support a President who likely broke the law and who instead should be facing prosecution. Mueller’s report explicitly tells Congress that they are well within their right to proceed with impeachment hearings over what is in the report. There is no coming back if both chambers of Congress refuse to do their job. The public should decide if they are ok with the Republicans protecting an individual who deserves prosecution.
  24. Well deserved salary bump for a very underrated player!
  25. Nothing but it's your duty even when you know it will fail.
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