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  1. Isaiah McDuffie LB Boston College seems like he would be a good choice in the mid to later rounds for us.
  2. Always love seeing a Vinny Cerrato reference.
  3. Seth Williams is definitely a riser but Jaycee Horn absolutely shut him down when they played. It was a clinic from Horn that game.
  4. I think Mills is going in the 2nd because of positional value but yeah that's pricey for a guy not even close to being ready to see the field (IMO). I like Mill's release more than anything but he certainly has limitations like the rest of that group.
  5. Personally, I consider Javonte Williams a difference maker with a very high ceiling. He's only 20 and a tackle breaking machine. I'd take JW at the top of the 2nd round in an instant.
  6. Thanks. I'm always on the lookout for books for my dad who is a retired CW04.
  7. Me too because the position is so deep this year. Chase, Waddle, Smith or Bateman are the only WR's I'd want in the 1st.
  8. Javian Hawkins should not be on anyone's top RB list especially after a very meh Pro Day for someone his size.
  9. That is something we can certainly celebrate and quite true.
  10. We do much more kicking the can down the road than anything else. We have massive issues friend - massive. Texas and Tennessee just passed bills to allow conceal carry without a permit. We're a powder-keg and much of it is economically derived IMO. Upward mobility is harder than ever before. But, I hope you're right in that it's not as bad as I think it is.
  11. We've been in decline for decades IMO. Thatcher and Reagan neoliberal, austerity nonsense and 'there is no such thing as society' BS laid the foundation for the angry, violent dysfunctional society we now have. We live to work with hardly any quality of life. 78 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck or work multiple jobs and stress about money 24/7. The GOP decries welfare spending and love their favorite buzzword Socialism, but fail to grasp they are the ones who made such spending necessary.
  12. Eth seems like a very strong play. The Berlin Fork appears on track and gas fees are trending down. NFT's are only to become more in demand as well and the form of payment for these as I'm sure you're aware is Ether. I've only a few but am going to acquire as much as possible and will DCA into Bitcoin. I'm not interested in any other Alt other than Eth - for now.
  13. I like Mills too. Wilson is my #1 though. Former QB J.T O'Sullivan has a YouTube channel called QB School where he breaks down most of the top QB's in this class if you're interested.
  14. Look into buying Ethereum. I've got a little over 4 now. Huge, huge potential IMO.
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