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  1. Stafford's interesting for sure. Ron's got to be interested. Scary Terry and Matt would be terrorizing defenses.
  2. And even a phased in increase over several years is going to face resistance from the GOP. From what I can discern, most seem to favor progressive policies higher wages, marijuana legalization, universal healthcare in some form, even a universal basic income is gaining ground. We have to do something and we need some smart policy economists to hammer out a blueprint for the next couple of decades to implement these things because they have to happen. Something that never seems to get mentioned in all this minimum wage debate is that taxpayers are subsidizing the profits of businesses and even
  3. Noem is a true POS though IMO. Actively subverting the will of the people who voted to legalize recreational marijuana. She has the gall to say 'they made the wrong choice'. She decries lack of freedom and choice with mask wearing but in the same breath fights against it with marijuana.
  4. Scary Terry was a steal in the 3rd. We have to hit on QB though obviously. I'd rather do that via the draft for other obvious reasons. It's early but I'm partial to Trey Lance. Question marks sure but if he's willing to put in the work and not be a drama queen he could be great for us. I'd love to get Corey Davis here too but that's unlikely.
  5. Food for thought. I'd not thought about that. IMHO the last 3 drafts were good and if Kyle's fingerprints are mostly the reason why, I'm all for keeping the structure as is. He appears to be a good talent evaluator better than Mayhew and Hurney. The whole too many chef's in the kitchen thing is starting to rear its head unless Hurney is just going to handle the contract side of things mostly.
  6. Every draft pick made by Marty Hurney as GM of the Panthers https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/gallery/panthers-marty-hurney-draft-picks-history/
  7. I'm not sure who is the more embarrassing disgrace to their position: Boebert, Taylor-Greene or Debbie Lesko. I also hope there is some retribution for the actions of Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee and Rick Scott of Florida. I hope this is the last term they both serve.
  8. Impeachment definition in dictionary: See Trump, Donald J.
  9. I'm late to the party as usual and kicking myself for not getting in years ago. I'm buying Ethereum when possible and dollar-cost averaging Bit. I'm not going to pretend to understand the technology involved but it does seem Ethereum could play a vital role in the decentralization platforms/movement. I've seen some analysts predict Ether to be worth 100K a decade from now.
  10. Every single person that breached the Capitol should serve prison time. No exceptions.
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