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  1. So happy the Orioles have finally transformed into a winning franchise again. I hope they win it all this season for my Dad who will turn 80 in August and born and raised in Baltimore. One thing that is perplexing to me and seems like a huge mistake is not trying to go ahead and extend Gunnar like yesterday.
  2. It used to be illegal back in the day as were stock buybacks. Oddly enough - it's just the U.S. & New Zealand that allow drug companies to directly advertise like this.
  3. My biggest issues with Big Pharma: Entirely too much influence and control over a medical doctor's education and practice End the public subsidies and cease all T.V. advertising and tax gifts - all while fleecing Americans with the highest drug costs in the world Too much indemnity and that also needs to end
  4. J.J. McCarthy is someone I will be keeping tabs on this season.
  5. Me neither. I expect Kingsbury to use B Rob much like he did James Connor & Ekeler a souped-up version of Edwards in the pass game. I do not want a predictable offense or defense. So tired of that.
  6. Just found out we signed LB Mykal Walker. I've no idea how well he has fared but I really liked him coming out of Fresno State.
  7. AUSTIN EKELER & BRIAN ROBINSON HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO BE ONE OF THE BEST RUNNING BACK DUOS IN THE NFL https://atozsports.com/washington/commanders-austin-ekeler-brian-robinson-best-running-back-duo/ Ekeler and Robinson are a great fit and have the potential to be a lethal duo It's due to the fact that both players bring a different running style/game to the table at different sizes. Ekeler is the smaller, quicker back at 5-foot-10, 200-pounds and Robinson is listed at 6-foot-1, 228-pounds. The key with both, though, as explained earlier, is they can catch the ball. That will keep defenses honest when either on the field. It won't be like a, let's say, Derrick Henery-Tyjae Spears deal where the chances of a run increase exponentially when Henry is on the field due to his lack of effectiveness in both pass pro and as a receiver.
  8. That's an understatement for me, friend. Jamin and Forbes were ridiculous reaches in the 1st round.
  9. I'm still fairly confident Biden will win though I'm deeply troubled with the state of our nation. IMO, we're a smoldering dumpster fire and have been going in the wrong direction with the pedal to the floor over the past 5 decades.
  10. Olive Garden was a favorite of one of our beloved and missed moderators Zoony
  11. The story behind that is something else. IIRC, he lost the foot because he wanted to go out for a hamburger or something like that and injured it so severely it needed to be amputated.
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