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  1. Considering the same but only if Dwayne beats out Case.
  2. Figured this was as good a spot as any to post: OUCH!!! Why Your Team Sucks
  3. We're doomed if we trot out any of those OT's from last night. Christian? It's shocking to me that he has lasted this long. His level of play last night was downright putrid. We need to make something happen and fast. Send Trent to Houston for Tytus Howard and pick.
  4. Chump Bailey


    Yeppir. We do look bad, real bad thus far.
  5. Profootballtalk's Mike Florio reports holdout LT Trent Williams "doesn't care" about the Redskins' fines threat. The Redskins' galaxy brain idea to get Williams to report is apparently to enforce their ability to fine him $40,000 per day. Camp fines are a completely impotent bargaining tactic, as all parties know the only real recourse is to forgive them once the player finally reports or is traded. It's surprising the Redskins took the time to leak it was their plan. Washington needs a real general manager.
  6. Texans seem like interesting trade partners. Tytus Howard and a mid-rounder for Trent? I'd pull that trigger personally.
  7. Good news. Flowers poor showing thus far must have changed their minds.
  8. I wouldn't bet on it. Personally, I'd place the higher stock on Flowers. I know Ty would have cost us but that move is biting us in the rear right now. You don't let above-average OT's walk. Sacrifices should have been made else-where.
  9. Chump Bailey

    The current status of the Redskins o-line.

    I'd like to see Scherff and Moses swap positions. On paper, we appear to have decent depth on the interior and hopefully Flowers will show well.
  10. Chump Bailey

    Will the coaching be good enough for the talent?

    And that was a mistake IMO. He was worth keeping around.
  11. Chump Bailey

    WP: 20th anniversary of Snyder

    Just have to accept the situation as it is. But, I've not been this optimistic about the team in a long, long time - not even Gibbs return level. I love our roster and think we have a nice window to win if Dwayne Haskins is the QB we all hope he is, which right now I absolutely do. I was watching a YouTube video the other day on the team and one of the analysts said she was told by another high-level team executive that he felt the Redskins have the best front seven in football. I think we're poised for good things. Focus on that and not Snyder.
  12. We have not been great since the '40s. Corporations and unmitigated greed have decimated the country and why I will never support another candidate that is not progressive. I am not supporting a person who gets their marching orders from Wall Street, corporations and the military-industrial complex that have laws written to benefit and protect them while bleeding the average citizen dry. Never again. Bernie Sanders, Gabbard, Yang or Warren are the only candidates I will consider. Biden is as big of a clown as Trump.
  13. Would not surprise me in the least if Harmon leads the team in receptions and TD's this year. I'm still baffled why he fell that far.
  14. Chump Bailey

    2019 Starting Free Safety will be......

    He was a 4th round pick they're going to give him a shot. He was only a full-time starter at Penn State for one season. He has as good a chance as any IMO and his speed is nothing to sneeze at - it's elite. The tools are there.
  15. Art is spot on in his assessment. Granted a lot of things have to fall into place but my optimism stems from the following: * Haskins obviously - what's not to like *A healthy Guice and Love is a potentially devastating combination that could have defenses reeling the potential here is truly special *Kelvin Harmon terrific possession WR and chain mover is something we have sorely missed * Scary Terry