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Game Day Thread - Browns at Washington ~ Back to Wentz you came & the crowd goes Hog Mild

Message added by TK,



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4 minutes ago, zCommander said:

Just woke up a little hungover lol

Time to get ready for the game 🙂


Huge game indeed. Kick some Watson butt and massage him with lots of sacks! 😁


Massage his what? 👀

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7 minutes ago, Koolblue13 said:

:ols: Hog Mild. :ols:


Hey everyone was calling our stadium a ****hole. The PigPen is an upgrade.

They should call Cleveland's stadium the Brown Hole. :bye: 

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3 minutes ago, Koolblue13 said:

John D. Lineman.


5 minutes ago, zCommander said:



Jack ~ DiCaprio, Leonardo


It's a Titanic reference due to the way this ship has been sinking over the last 20+ years. :) 

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