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The Game Prediction Thread - The Commanders vs. The Browns ~ Need To Put The Dawg Pound Back In The Dog House!


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No BSJ or Curl today. DFoe has to keep everything in front of him and not get caught looking at the QB. Don’t feel good about this game at all now but think we squeeze it out. 

24 Commies

23 Brownies


Sly game winning FG in the last minute 

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38 minutes ago, Idaho fan said:

Nothing is more classy than a “made in China” cardboard box with the top ripped off.  Lol.  

Imagine the dude in China who was stuffing those into the box. He is like "WTF is this".....

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40 minutes ago, Skinsinparadise said:

Not to make others jealous 





I was going to say, thats either someone's retainer or a dollar store fleshlight. Either way, put it away.

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On 12/29/2022 at 11:32 AM, Thirtyfive2seven said:

In the past, teams get well against us.  I think the same thing will happen this week.

turds 27

RedComfootSkinsmanteamders 9

This team finally gets what they deserve.  I hope the other teams win so they finally realize how far away they are from being a legit playoff team.

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On 12/28/2022 at 9:35 AM, Spaceman Spiff said:

This has all the familiar feelings of a trap game.  Or a letdown game.


This is a game we should win.  This is a game we HAVE to win.


So that means one thing to me....we play down to the competition, it's a sloppy, bull**** game with questionable ref calls, turnovers and fluke plays, it's hard to watch, it comes down to the final few minutes of the game and the Browns kick a field goal as the clock expires to win 24-21.


Lots of handwringing about whether Wentz was the correct choice, should Chase Young have waited until next year, the O-line, blah, blah, blah.  Meanwhile, the other teams that are trailing us for the last playoff berth win and then a bunch of people here are jumping through their own assholes trying to figure out who needs to lose next weekend in order for us to back into the playoffs if we beat Dallas.  Which we won't.


Miss the playoffs after choking hard in these last two games, a bunch of talk about Ron and his job safety but then we get all distracted when Dan finally sells the team.  And at that moment, this place will be like we just won the Super Bowl.


I can't see this happening any other way.  


Only thing I was wrong about was the score and the Browns kicking a FG as time expires.


21 points seems like a lot to ask for at this point, this offense sucks donkey balls.

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