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The Game Prediction Thread - The Commanders vs. The Browns ~ Need To Put The Dawg Pound Back In The Dog House!


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Wentz drops some bombs just to confuse the football world and make Commies fans heads explode. 

Brob rolls for over 100 and Wentz puts in a very Prince Wincian performance. 300 yds and 3 TDs. 

38-13. Condoms win!


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7 hours ago, Skinsinparadise said:







Would suck a bit not having AG but I do like Jonathan Williams a lot. I like the idea of pairing him with BRob to bludgeon the Browns. That is the path to victory as their DTs and LBs are garbage (JOK and Anthony Walker are both out)

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This team is officially out of mulligans.  It is do or die at least for this week.  If they win, we will see where the chips lie by the end of the weekend, but for sure they have to win this game.  


A Wentz redemption game would be nice, but the O-line isn't going to do him many favors.


The Browns don't stop the run which should be a welcome change from the 49ers game.

I see zero reason to go out there and immediately change the offense that has been decent driving from the 30 to 30, Wentz is in there because this team isn't scoring once they get into the red zone and that has costs us games.


My guess is that Wentz gets at least 1 week of glory while a huge NFC East rivalry showdown looms for the final week of the season.

Commanders 31

Browns 17

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21 hours ago, No Nonsense said:

Not to pick a fight, but how many times this team has played supposedly easy teams just to have the game come down to the final minutes?

We just don’t get enough easy scores to pull away. Far too often, the other teams makes a couple of adjustments and we’re stuck in neutral for a long stretch. 


That's fair...but it has happened. Houston was an easy win this year...they beat the Giants pretty easily last year. And the beat the doors off Dallas a couple times in Rivera's first season. I'm not saying they are great, I just think that when teams match up well against them (only true threat is a running game), they have a shot to turn the game one-sided. 


And I'm not a wide-eyed fan or anything. I'm very critical of this franchise, so this is an objective opinion :)

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This has all the familiar feelings of a trap game.  Or a letdown game.


This is a game we should win.  This is a game we HAVE to win.


So that means one thing to me....we play down to the competition, it's a sloppy, bull**** game with questionable ref calls, turnovers and fluke plays, it's hard to watch, it comes down to the final few minutes of the game and the Browns kick a field goal as the clock expires to win 24-21.


Lots of handwringing about whether Wentz was the correct choice, should Chase Young have waited until next year, the O-line, blah, blah, blah.  Meanwhile, the other teams that are trailing us for the last playoff berth win and then a bunch of people here are jumping through their own assholes trying to figure out who needs to lose next weekend in order for us to back into the playoffs if we beat Dallas.  Which we won't.


Miss the playoffs after choking hard in these last two games, a bunch of talk about Ron and his job safety but then we get all distracted when Dan finally sells the team.  And at that moment, this place will be like we just won the Super Bowl.


I can't see this happening any other way.  

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14 minutes ago, Warhead36 said:

There are reports coming out now that the Browns GM is basically in charge of offensive scheme/playcalling. 


That franchise might somehow be a bigger mess than ours.

Not the GM but their analytics guy DePodesta who comes from baseball. The item that came up is that he was trying to get this staff to go for explosive plays in bad weather in NO

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A must win game we can't lose? I don't like our chances.


I'm assuming the game plan is going to be beat the ever loving crap out of them with our run game and hit some deep ones to Brown and Dot, with some really stupid Samuels runs mixed in.


Defense I'm guessing 8 in the box, with Davis spying Watson. Hopefully Curl and Juice are back cause Watson blows passing.


I haven't been this excited to see our defense hit a QB since I went to the Eagles game in Philly when we knocked Vick out. 

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19 minutes ago, FootballZombie said:

Rodgers coming back at TE is interesting if he can go.


Which TE do you inactivate to bring him in? Tough call.




With A-Rod you can squeeze a little life outta this TE group.

Definitely Turner. Logans a captain, Bates is a premier blocker and reliable pass catcher, so ARog(I want that to catch on :ols:  ) is our pass catcher.

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