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3 hours ago, Cooked Crack said:


i am 100% for women’s rights and doing what they want with their bodies. In fact, I think people should do whatever they want with their bodies, even if it is transitioning. I don’t care, your body your choice.


I think Haley is doing a better job than any of the other Republicans out there. I feel she is trying to reach a compromise here instead of going the route that the Repubs have taken lately. 

I will still vote Democrat next year and won’t vote for Haley, but I think the Republican Party could really do right for themselves if they start pushing her. 

As of right now, and there is a lot of time left, if she won the Republican nomination and won the presidency, I would be way less concerned about the country than if the criminal blowhard or pudding fingers gets the nod,

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7 hours ago, Fan since a Fetus said:

As of right now, and there is a lot of time left, if she won the Republican nomination and won the presidency, I would be way less concerned about the country than if the criminal blowhard or pudding fingers gets the nod,

I lost respect for Haley when she said that she wouldn't run if Trump did. I am glad she reversed herself, and think she did put in a strong performance in the first debate. I look forward to seeing what transpires at the Reagan Library in 10 days.


That said, it just seems inevitable that Trump is going to get the nomination and (broken record here) win the presidency again.

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Click below link for full article by Josh Kraushaar


AXIOS: Analysis: Senate tilting red, House blue for 2024 



The possibility of a split congressional decision in 2024, with the Senate flipping to Republicans and the House turning over to Democrats, is looking increasingly likely.

Why it matters: By pursuing an impeachment inquiry into President Biden, House GOP leaders are making life awfully tough for their 18 vulnerable Republicans representing Biden 2020 districts. Threats of a government shutdown from GOP hardliners don't help either.

  • Meanwhile, Biden's persistently low approval ratings are making it very difficult for red-state senators vying for re-election — West Virginia's Joe Manchin, Montana's Jon Tester and Ohio's Sherrod Brown — to win enough split-ticket voters at a time of record polarization.

By the numbers: To win back control of the Senate, Republicans only need to net two seats (one if the GOP presidential nominee prevails).

  • The 2024 Senate map is historically favorable for Republicans: Republicans are aggressively contesting at least eight Democratic-held seats with Democrats hoping — in a best-case scenario — of putting Sen. Ted Cruz's Texas seat in play.
  • But House Republicans are in an equally precarious position. To win back control of the House, Democrats only need to flip a net five seats. A new House race analysis from Inside Elections (subscription) rates 11 seats as toss-ups — seven held by Republicans, and four by Democrats.<<<
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A defiant former President Donald Trump sparred with new "Meet the Press" moderator Kristen Welker for more than an hour this week at his Bedminster, New Jersey, estate, battling over his array of legal issues and his role in the Jan. 6 attack, all while continuing to promote falsehoods about the 2020 election.

He also, time and time again, sought to give himself wiggle room on critical issues: abortion, the war in Ukraine, interest rates and even what he thought of his party's efforts to impeach President Joe Biden.


In totality, Trump's interview with NBC News highlighted the duality of the candidate who is the overwhelming favorite to win the GOP presidential nomination and challenge the Democrats next fall: On one hand, he is carving out a policy-messaging lane fit for the general election, while on the other, he is as combative as ever about the charges he faces and his role in lessening the trust Americans have not only in their bedrock institutions but in democracy itself.

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1 hour ago, LadySkinsFan said:

She a Fascist just like her husband and wants to be first lady. She's also hoping that the 14th Amendment Section 3 will be successful against TFG so her greatest desire is fulfilled if her husband is the Fascist Party nominee.

If Trump is not the nominee; don’t think the gop voters are giving Desantis the nod.

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I wonder about DeSantis and why he is a poor politician.  Then he makes a comment like that.  What was the crowd wearing? Why would he talk smack about mental health?  "Has a lot of problems...."  


He smacks like a guy who made some party deals to climb the ladder and he's way above his height limit.  Makes me wonder how he went from military to his education to forge connections with GOP.  


He should have a really good background to be a good politician, serving in the military. And how does someone who serves in the military join the "our government is too big" crowd?

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