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8 hours ago, Ball Security said:

It’s crazy to me that Alabama and the NCAA is continuing to let Brandon Miller play.  He is really good though.

Agree wholeheartedly, but if there’s anything we’ve learned from UA, it’s that athletics are more important than academics, and, now, common sense. Gotta hold the SEC and NCAA accountable as well.

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27 minutes ago, skinsmarydu said:

Duke at UNC in about half an hour...who ya got?!?!?


Yes, Taze & I have the usual avatar bet for the sweep...:816:

In relevant games, WVU is officially off the bubble after soundly beating #11 Kansas State in Manhattan for our 6th quad 1 win. 

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On 2/16/2023 at 8:27 PM, Ball Security said:

Don’t know if Loyola Marymount makes the tournament, but they have Kenny Powers playing center and it is glorious.


Did Drew Timme play with Rui?

Lol... we are in Vegas for a separate event and are at the WCC games today, randomly. I know who you are talking about, Keli Leaupepe!  Guy is strong too.  LMU didn't want him with the ball offensively though.  


LMU didn't recover from going down 17 to 6 in the first quarter of the game.  


What is funny is that the BYU fans were dumping their tickets as they went down in the 1H of the previous game and some tickets were selling for $5 to $10... then they came back and tickets spiked a bit. 


Santa Clara vs. USF is surprising too.  30 to 29 to the 6 seed Dons.  This is not the team averaging 77 points per game.  Rooting for an upset.  Stadium is overwhelming for Santa Clara... but it is half full or less... 


BYU fans got all the tickets.

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Santa Clara vs. U of San Fran into overtime.  Man from USF shot them into the lead with 30 points.  


The refs have assessed three defensive flopping calls on USF.  It is ridiculous since Santa Clara started off the game with their player flopping and getting a charging foul. 


Game has been entertaining as heck!

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USF upsets Santa Clara to stunned fans.  I think Santa Clara was up and nearly had it game over.... 10 point lead with 5 min left.  And then there was a critical steal and 3 pointer by USF to turn an 8 point game (looking like 10) into a 5 point game around the 3 min mark.  


Shabazz for USF looks like an NBA bench player at least.... and there was this Podziemski on Santa Clara who had better stats than he played but he is a prospect.  



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My UCLA Bruins just wrapped up an incredible regular season championship. Fun season and ranked 4th right now pending.


But this team just doesn’t feel like it has the right/enough pieces to be a serious threat in March. Not getting my hopes up.


But I’m going to enjoy this ride…. because the down seasons suck bad.

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Posted (edited)

Thats funny, but Boeheim really turned into a dickbag the last few years. 



In news about people I like, Fran Frichella is elbow deep in a pepperoni roll during this WVU blowout. 

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City, State, and Federal "Redditors" throughout the Country are spreading "The Big Lie" about Jim Boeheim, at a level that our Country has never seen before. They want to tarnish the legacy of the undisputed leader of Syracuse basketball. The more he wins, the more CRAZY they become. AT THE SAME TIME, THEY DO NOTHING ABOUT THE RUIZ FAMILY!


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