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40 minutes ago, 88Comrade2000 said:



I remember that WVU - Norte Dame game. National championship on line and they couldn’t do it.


Obviously you don't. Otherwise you'd remember all world Major Harris getting hurt early in the game and killing any chance they had of winning the game. 


Also comparing that ND team to this one is ****ing hilarious. 


Finally, **** Neal Brown. hooked?


31 minutes ago, PleaseBlitz said:

Why would anyone go to Huntington other than to buy meth?


25 50 cent hookers? Forgot Marshall raised tuition. 

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Lots of huge upsets on Saturday huh?  Appalachian State over Texas A&M, Marshall over Notre Dame, and Georgia Southern over Nebraska.  All of those big schools were around 20 point favorites, give or take a few points (Nebraska was -23.5).  Can someone let me know these upsets in advance so I can bet the underdog on the moneyline?  K thanks 😄


Oh Wisconsin lost too and they were like 17 point favorites.

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1 hour ago, Cooleyfan1993 said:

So how do they rank college football teams? I assumed it’s the same as the NFL but then I heard talk this week of Alabama being given a low rank and I’m thinking “aren’t they 2-0”? 


Not an expert, jus seems the system doesn't have enough math available to keep from being controversialy biased. 


Everytime I look, I see things that make numbers like SOS useless because playing teams with good records can be impacted by the conference they are in and conference of the teams they beat.  Jus a never ending matrix of excuses why some teams will never be #1 no matter what they do.


It jus seems so obvious the rankings are impacted by the draw of the eventual bowl games, so why I'm glad they expanded the playoffs to give everyone an equal opportunity chance for more teams to get embarrassed by the SEC team the powers that be want to win the championship anyway.


Alabama "underranked" at #2 is hillarious, some people can't breathe properly unless them or another SEC team is ranked #1 (Clemson feeling a recent exemption):



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