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Election 2020 The Non Presidential Edition

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I don't understand Cohn's take on the GA special.  You don't allocate the undecideds based on presidential vote, you allocate EVERYONE by party.  So if it's Warnock 32%, Loeffler 23%, Collins 17% and Lieberman 7%, you figure Warnock and Loeffler go to the runoff, and Warnock adds the Lieberman vote to get to a total of 39% and Loeffler adds the Collins vote to get to a total of 40%.  

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3 hours ago, skinsmarydu said:

His hands look like my foot that I dropped a TV on almost 2 weeks ago.

Looks like he's either taken a fall, or his blood is settling in his extremities, and I can't remember what that's called. 

Embalming? :movefast:


Necrosis? Likely Deadites.



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