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2018 - 19 Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals Thread


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Just now, SkinsFanRob said:

never had a doubt. 

Same. Just watching the Canes, they just aren't on our level skill/talent wise. The first goal was just Holtby being dumb, the second was a lucky bounce, and the third was a deflection on a PP off a lazy penalty. They had almost no sustained pressure. If not for us missing some grade A chances we probably hang 5 or 6 on these guys.


Series shouldn't go beyond 5. They might take one at home at most. Compared to the teams we've played in the playoffs in the past they are not really on that same level. Not one guy on their team scares me.

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35 minutes ago, Popeman38 said:

Orpik OT GWG, Eaton and Kendrick go back to back to give Nats lead in bottom of 8th. Things that happened within 5 minutes of each other. 


Me finishing my Guinness while eating shrimp with old bay that I grilled. I mean if we are naming all those things 😉

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