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2018 - 19 Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals Thread


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1 minute ago, Barry.Randolphe said:

How is Mrazek not concussed after that slapper to the temple? My coworker got one like that and he had to go on short term disability because of how bad it was


Didnt see it but NHL goalie equipment is better than beer league equipment 

A PP goal would be nice 

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1 minute ago, SkinsFanRob said:

We are in trouble 

Na, I think we'll be alright. Both Canes goals were random garbage. I don't think I've really seen them sustain much pressure.


For us, we just gotta be a little bit cleaner in the offensive zone. We've had good looks but guys have whiffed some nice chances and we seem a bit too pass happy on the PP. The 3rd/4th liners gotta step up like they did last year.

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Just now, Voice_of_Reason said:

Their goalie is currently standing on his head.

Is he though? I don't see any great saves. We're juuuuust missing some nice chances.


I also think both Canes goals should have been stopped by Holtby. They just squeaked past his pads.

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