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Moose & Squirrel v Boris & Natasha: what's the deal with the rooskies and trumpland?


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6 minutes ago, Kilmer17 said:

One of the few benefits of this disaster is watching folks like you lose your minds every five minutes.  It's like watching a five year old throw a temper tantrum in a store because their mom wont buy them something they want.




Hang in there.  You'll eventually come to the light.  And the sooner the better, cause your country needs you.  We need you.

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Mark Levin and others keep saying that someone from the CIA or FBI has leaked to the public portions of Flynn's phone call with a Russian (a russian ambassador?).


I googled but cant find any actual transcript, just articles alleging what was in the transcript. 


Has anyone actually seen the leaked transcript? I would love to read it. 

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9 minutes ago, Springfield said:

Plus, **** Russia.


Where were they when our troops were fighting Al Queda?


Probably funding al qaeda if we're being honest. They'd rather have Islamic extremists killing US soldiers in Iraq than have Chechnya be the center of attention in the terrorist world.

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1 hour ago, Kilmer17 said:

I have a broad question.


What is the worst thing that could have happened?  IMO- Trump was given sweetheart deals in Russia for his businesses, in exchange for promises that if he became POTUS, he would relax sanctions and look the other way on Crimea etc.  Is there a WORSE (legit) scenario?


And more to the point, what can be done about it?


I agree with this. Meaning, I do believe that a scenario like this is likely.  Worse case would be if the blackmail parts are true. What if they have info on him (video etc.. ) that would cause even the GOP to impeach.

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netanyahu makes interesting comparison to trump on stage...notably more "real" alpha


mossad (< auto correct lol..sposed to be "missed") first part where there was a q on flynn and all i heard was what i predicted, but it was only a snippet at the end...see if more comes up

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51 minutes ago, Jumbo said:



he's a practiced hand at all the ways of the con, had excellent teachers in his background (Roy C. for one; many others) and it shows in most of who is always around him in his move to become King---bannon is a master at it (and also actually loony in places), sessions is a dark hole of dishonesty and sly manipulation (he is every bit the bigot his non-loony adversaries say, but knows (learned decades ago) how vital it is to hide it in more current climes and work from the inside to marginalize the darker hued and non-xtians) and his surrogates all sure seem to feature a healthy share of kilmer's "nefarious and moron" qualities.


I don't think most folks realize how influential Roy C. was...not only in NYC, but as a nation. 

It's an amazing topic to examine. 


Trump is and always has been a con man/gangster. 


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2 minutes ago, Sacks 'n' Stuff said:

Well they could certainly impeach him over his lies regarding voter fraud but with regards to Russia, verification of any number of things from the dossier should do it.

Huh?  He can't be impeached for claiming voter fraud.  


What part of the dossier claims is impeachable?


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