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  1. i get banned bc I copy and pasted comments from fox news which mirror comments here .... I didnt insult anyone, didnt break any rules. You would have to be intentionally obtuse to not realize the portions of my posts that were copy and paste from fox news comments sections. Asbury pretends like he doesnt know im copying n pasting from fox news comments, calls me "sad and uninformed little man" and gets nothing bc he is internet buddies with Jumbo. Im out, enjoy the far left echo chamber this place has become. Possibly be more receptive to opinions you dont agree with. Or not.
  2. Yes, tribalism is thing I think we all do .. but what sparked my comment today was the fact that when I got on here, we are making fun of Miller bc hes going bald and Sanders bc she has a droppy eye .... so we are now making fun of people with thinning hair or droppy eyes? Just seemed like some fox news comments on the appearance of Hillary or Michelle or Odumbo ... I try not to make fun of people bc of their appearance or condition or what ever thing they are dealing with. Consistency. its hard. Maybe Im just a triggered snowflake. I get it, ppl were just having fun, no one should take what was said personal or seriously and thats cool .... as long as you apply that same label to when conservatives make fun of someones personal appearance. Like Trumps many many comments on a persons appearance .. I find them to be petty but Im supposed to chalk this up to "just having fun" and "its different because ..." Its not the same as what Trump is doing here ... but how far is it?
  3. Says one of the sheep who watch CNN religiously, no doubt. Shave your beard, move out of your parents' basement and stop drinking the liberal/progressive kool-aid (hemlock). Liberals don't actually care about results; they will always twist facts to fit their narrative. What they really care about is FEELINGS. Trump makes them feel bad and that's what matters :'( Libs don’t believe in facts. You can show them facts that are proof positive and they still won’t believe it. And their only comeback is - he’s racist. ---------------------------------- To be fair, I think conservatives might have rolled out the "lies and propaganda" and calling Clintons "criminals and traitors" before we adopted the approach. But its different ... bc were right and theyre to stupid to know so they dont even count.
  4. Brainwashed liberal. The Dunce Hat award is YOURS! Reply Share Report 4 Likes --------------- Took me 2 seconds to find an almost comparable comment from Fox news .. if I had taken 1 min Im sure I could have found one from a conservative with the exact wording. Im amazed at our sides lack of self awareness. Whatever, I really dont care that much (then why even bother posting it? huh? huh?) but i dont think either side has the moral or intellectual high ground and to anyone who thinks their party does ... well, I think you have a lot more in common with your enemy than you think.
  5. Looks a lot like an inverse fox news comments section in here ... All we are missing is some analogous "locked, loaded n ready" slogan.
  6. My kids is really bossy. She is always yelling at me. Walking first line w i think the Treme Brass Band and Irving Mayfield in Mid City New Orleans
  7. He was grinding and grinning for 8 hours straight ... I miss those days. 10 plus pills, a room at the marriott and a really slutty submissive gf. Wife "just so happened" to be on my laptop and just somehow accidently went through the maze of files to find the videos and made me erase them. The laptop is 15 years old, wont turn on anymore but I still keep it bc one day I imagine Im going to pay a guy money to try and see if they are still on the hard drive somewhere. I am one pathetic loser.
  8. Reminder me of when DC came up with the "Top Gun"program which ... The month-old Top Gun Award Program will pay officers who seize more than three weapons $100 for every gun confiscated if the seizure is accompanied by an arrest. The officer who seizes the most guns by the end of this year -- the "Top Gun" -- will get a seven-day, all-expenses-paid cruise for two people. Initially, the program will last through Dec. 31. https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/local/1994/10/21/in-dc-officers-can-win-cash-prizes-for-top-gun-arrests/0597512d-3d6d-4f80-a9ff-994c9c5cde74/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.42152d0a9be5 ^^ this was from 1994. What happened? Police started pulling over every car they saw targeting black men. If they found a gun, they made up a BS reason for the stop and search. If they didnt have a gun .."we are so sorry for the inconvenience, you may go on your way". People who only get a warning from a cop in SE DC dont complain even though their constitutional right against unreasonable search and seizure was just violated. Proud to say i worked on an excessive force case in Federal Court and took down one of the biggest abusers of the top gun program. edit --- this program is not like the top gun program.
  9. Ive started to smoke cigarettes again. I had quit for about 6 -7 years but wife came home from rehab as a smoker and then 1 here and there turned into about 5 a day. Been smoking about 5 a day for a year now. I was driving home and thinking of if I get cancer, what would I do with my daughter? I imagine I get cancer when she is in her 20s or 30s. I wouldnt want to be a burden to her. Having her have to care for me in a horrible degenerative shape. The letter the sheriff in 3 billboards comes to mind. Beautiful worded. I would write my daughter a letter that I am going to travel the earth doing anything I feel, if I die to let her know that I died living and happy and free. I sometimes wonder why people with a terminal illness dont do crazy death-defining things? Why wouldnt you want to experience the full breadth of life in your last year or so. Why wouldnt you want to try something just to see if its humanly possible? Why wouldnt you want to show the healthier younger people that humans and the human body can do amazing things if we just take it out of the garage once and while and push the limits. Why wouldnt you want to put a bullet in the head of some convincingly clear pedophile or Hitler or some horrible person like that? I guess you just get too tired to think the way I am thinking now? I often graple with my very pedestrian existence and daily routine vs living life. I wonder why I need to be on my death bed before I consider truly living life. Dont get me wrong, I have a great life. great kid, money, i find enough satisfaction in life's quirky little daily moments. last night I figured i would do things death defining to show younger people what they are capable of if they only push themselves.Swim with great whites and stuff like that. Just saw this video ... wow. This lady was ocean swimming in New Zealand. Realized a pod of orcas had joined her and she swam to the shore. She then decided to just get back in and join them ... watch the video. Amazing. This lady rocks. https://www.foxnews.com/science/killer-whales-surround-new-zealand-woman-in-stunning-drone-footage
  10. "The Lobster", collin farrell, john c reilly, came out in 2016 In a dystopian society, single people must find a mate within 45 days or be transformed into an animal of their choice. 87% tomato 64% audience score - if you like international dark comedies, you would like this. Had the pace and feel of "a man called ove". Well done movie, I found the ending very unsatisfying though. I imagine that was the directors point .. to kinda leave the audience hanging with their thoughts not fully answered. The story didnt have an ending, it just ended.
  11. I went to games from 97-2001 range ... great times. I didnt go to UMD, i got rejected but my brother and friends went and i just used my brothers student ID to get in. There was a rowdy crowd just a few years ago with Melo .. last year and so far this year, the decline is declining.
  12. Basketball games are going under attended as well. is UMD turning into a commuter campus? Seems like it. MD kids stay at home and the NJ kids live off campus.
  13. A lady's online dating profile starts off with ... "Im most likely more open minded than you are ...." I love dead pan dark humor.