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Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

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Trump threatens to veto the new Voting Rights Bill. Because heaven forfend that Republicans jettison their decades long opposition to an fair playing field and their efforts to strip the Voting Rights Act as the Supremes did recently.




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21 minutes ago, Cooked Crack said:


Ivanka's fashion line probably staying afloat thanks to her dads lackeys. Who else paying damn near 6 grand for an Ivanka anything?

Anybody who wants the government to "could you do us a favor?"

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2 hours ago, Larry said:

So what's new about the restored voting rights act?  


From the linked article:


 The U.S. House voted to require states with a history of voter suppression to get federal approval for election-law changes, part of an effort by Democrats to restore the process that was struck down by the Supreme Court six years ago.


The Voting Rights Advancement Act, H.R. 4, which passed 228-187 on Friday, is opposed by leaders of the GOP-controlled Senate. The White House has threatened a veto, arguing that the measure would let the federal government interfere in decisions that should be made by states.


House Democrats are seeking to show that they’re working on matters besides the impeachment of President Donald Trump, rebutting accusations from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that they have stalled the 2019 congressional agenda. Along with Friday’s legislation, the House has passed hundreds of bills this year that have gotten no action in the Senate.


Democrats backing the voting rights measure criticized what they said were widespread efforts in predominantly Republican states such as Georgia and Alabama in 2018 to curtail voting by minorities, who tend to vote for Democrats. That includes purging voter rolls of those who hadn’t voted in recent elections or adopting stricter registration requirements.


The legislation is a response to the Supreme Court’s 2013 ruling in Shelby County v. Holder, which struck down a core provision of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. That section outlined a formula for deciding which states must get Justice Department preclearance to change their election laws. The high court said the formula was outdated.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said 23 states have enacted laws “denying millions the right to vote” since that Supreme Court decision.







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An estimated 53 million people—44 percent of all U.S. workers ages 18–64—are low-wage workers. That’s more than twice the number of people in the 10 most populous U.S. cities combined. Their median hourly wage is $10.22, and their median annual earnings are $17,950.


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So, he's not classifying Judaism as a country, he's classifying Israel as a religion.  


And I'm once again admiring how many people there are who are willing to stand up on their hind legs and proudly announce that, when it comes down to a conflict between the constitutional rights of American citizens, vs the economic interests of a foreign country, they're on the side of the foreign country.  


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12 hours ago, Larry said:


Three minutes later, he was whining about how he is the most picked on person in all of history, and everyone is out to get him. 

I'm out to get him!!






Don't think he knows about me though🙁

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