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The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

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I say this too much for a guy that was contemplating entering the draft this past summer.


He simply hasn't been the player that was touted when we recruited him.  Too erratic, doesn't play smart or strong.


Team defense has been horrid tonight.

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That was a HORRENDOUS offensive foul call. When Trimble released the ball, Paige was not set or in front of him. He slid into Trimble and there was not enough contact to warrant a call. If that's a foul, every screen would result in an offensive foul call.

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First of all, North Carolina is a great team, and if they made the Final 4 I wouldn't be surprised at all.


Maryland played badly tonight.  Can't come out flat like that in any game ever, much less against UNC on the road.  Turnovers were pathetic.  Players need to learn how to handle pressure, Trimble included.  And if I'm the coaches I'm preaching defense in practice this week.

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This game was lost early with all the turnovers. Plain and simple, you can't give up that many possessions that turn into easy baskets and expect to win. As much as Maryland fought back to tie it and even take the lead, they dug too big of a hole.


I'm still not impressed with Turgeon's coaching. The team barely runs plays. It's just a high ball screen hoping for the dribbler to beat his man and either get to the rim or find and open man. Run some set plays. Get guys open. You could probably count on one hand the number of times they ran a set play tonight. Additionally, NC was 2-9 on free throws in the last minute. Instead of MD taking 2, they tried to take a 3 and missed everyone of them. If MD scores a 2 pointer on 4 of those 5 possessions after the missed free throws, they make up 6 points and it's one possession game. Again, that points to coaching.


Finally, Jake Layman is going to make a heck of a European basketball player. That guy can only play against weaker competition. He's perfect for Europe.

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Kind of saw this one coming. We have only played one good game from start to finish (Rhode Island) all season. Well, the good news is, the Big 10 is a lot weaker this year. The bad news is, we aren't going to a final four.


well that's a silly prediction at this point.  The NCAA tourney is a long ways away and a lot depends on where you end up by the selection committee.  But I agree the team has a lot of maturing to do.

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