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Hard fought game from the Terps last night. As a Heels fan, I was nervous in the 2nd half, especially when MD took the lead about half way through. They're going to be a tough team to play the rest of the way. The early turnover hurt them, but they shot the ball really well. Sulaimon is going to be a big boost to this team come tournament time.

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If Mark T. is half the coach he is a recruiter, this team should be much better by March.

Well, I've questioned his coaching in the past and right now he's got a team that is big and strong inside and having them chuck threes all game.

well that's a silly prediction at this point. The NCAA tourney is a long ways away and a lot depends on where you end up by the selection committee. But I agree the team has a lot of maturing to do.

Oh I know it's early, but I just see a huge difference in us versus other teams that were predicted to be one of the elite teams in CBB. Yes, we have a lot of maturing and catching up to do.

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Durkin is a great recruiter who should be able to draw from the Carolinas and Virginia at Maryland. OC hire will be interesting.




Durkin well respected as coach and tremendous recruiter. Would easily put him in top group of recruiters in country.


DJ Durkin will certainly provide a spark in recruiting for Maryland, but I'm curious who he hires as OC. Will be big for QB Dwayne Haskins

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Hopefully he can recruit and coach well *duh*


I've become indifferent to Maryland football ever since they got rid of Friedgen.  No matter who we recruit we never improve.  I'm sick of meaningless bowl games.  

Durkin was 2012 National Recruiter of the Year and has coached some very good defenses.


Some of the guys rumored for his staff are just ridilculous.

D.J. Durkin has worked twice under both Urban Meyer (BGSU and Fla) and Jim Harbaugh (Stanford and Michigan). Now all are in same division.

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D.J. Durkin brings dominant recruiting history to Maryland football job



One of the main selling points for D.J Durkin becoming Maryland's next head football coach was his recruiting acumen. He's a onetime Rivals recruiter of the year, and his fingerprints can be seen everywhere across his many stops in and around college football, particularly at Florida and even at Michigan in his brief stint as Jim Harbaugh's defensive coordinator.


If there are concerns that he's only able to recruit highly rated defensive players, then worry no longer. When he was at Florida from 2010 to earlier this year, he was able to recruit many highly rated recruits to join him such as offensive tackle D.J Humphries, rated as a 5 star recruit by 24/7 and the third overall rated player in the class of 2012.


He now plays for the Arizona Cardinals. He was also able to recruit highly rated defensive end Jonathan Bullard, a 5 star defensive end, and a slightly successful quarterback named Will Grier.


He wasn't just able to recruit players well in the state of Florida, he was able to get players from North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia to commit to the Gators. According to 24/7, all of the players he personally recruited were ranked no lower than 39 and their position, and was able to snag six top 10 recruits for their positions.


And do you remember Jalen Tabor, the five-star D.C. cornerback Florida snagged away from Maryland two seasons ago? That was Durkin and Travaris Robinson, a defensive assistant who is a real Maryland candidate now.


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Trent Murphy says new Maryland Coach D.J. Durkin made him want to run through brick walls


It’s one thing to hear people describe new Maryland coach D.J. Durkin as high energy. It’s another to hear Durkin talk about it himself, as he did Thursday afternoon.


“Energy equals production,” he said. “This entire building will be filled with high-energy people that are excited about coming to work and will go do it from the top on down.”


And then it’s still another thing to ask some of his former players about this energy.


“His pre-game speeches are some of the best I’ve ever heard,” said Redskins linebacker Trent Murphy, who was recruited to Stanford by Durkin and played there for one season under him. “He’d talk about how the opponents were coming into our house and we were going to lock the gate behind them and not let them out ’til we were done with them. Stuff like that. Just stuff that gets college guys fired up and ready to go run through a brick wall.”


Murphy was enthused about Durkin’s first head coaching job. Across the locker room, his teammate Jordan Reed — who played for Durkin at Florida — felt the same way.


“Great coach, great motivator, great person,” Reed said. “One of the best special teams coaches I’ve ever seen. He’s just an intense guy; players loved him.”



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