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Football! Redskins vs Titans: What are you looking for?


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- I'd like to see how the young guys in the secondary handle live ammo.


- I'd like to see how Kirk looks (even if it is vanilla offense and defense).


- I want to see how Compton looks. I've seen alot of positive press about his development.


- Most importantly I'd like to see the team leave healthy. No injuries !!

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1) No injuries. --- a bit of a cop out... but the most important wish.


2) How do our players coming off of injury look --- Rak, Freddy, etc


3) Communication on the field by our youngins in the secondary --- they don't need to be "shutdown" but I'd like to see a good report and some good communication


4) Cousins improvement and how he looks in year 2 in the system


5) Performance of the depth


6) SPECIAL TEAMS --- this is a big one.  I know it's hard to tell what you have on teams personnel wise, but we'll get a good idea of what the overall scheme and creativity is today.

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Pre season isnt much to look forward to, the game is very vanilla in its plays as the coaching staff dont want to show what they have too early, will be interesting to see how the new players in the defensive secondary play, at this stage winning and losing are just aspects of the game, i am looking forward to seeing a continuation of the promise that the players showed us last year

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1) All of the rookies in live action.


2) Chris Baker(new to playing DE exclusively) , Phillip Merling, Brace and the other young more obscure guys. Need to see what these guys bring to the table at DE since we will be w/o Carriker for pretty much the year and Jarvis for the first 4 games.


3) Hank and whether or not he has added more "want" to his game. The physical ability is there and he showed the want and hunger at times last season. Now I want to see if he can bring it consistently.


4) Whether or not Helu is a 100%.


5) Last but not least Richard Crawford. One of my personal favorite guys on the team. Want to see the progression from year 1 to year 2 w/ him.  

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1.) Tackling


2.) Blocking


3.) Not a lot of penalties from guys you know will be a major contributing factor to the team once the season starts


4.) TD's don't mean a whole lot to me, but I would at least like to see the starting offense move the ball fairly well, at least good enough to get well within FG range.


5.) No injuries.

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  • I wanna see how the defense looks.  I wanna see Amerson in some one on one coverage.  I wanna see the linebackers.  Is Rak ready and the backups moving around comfortably.  The secondary too.  Hows Merriweather look, and who's better in game situation, Rambo or Thomas.
  • Offensive line is another area of focus for me.  With Kirk playing we'll see how they really look without the smoke and mirrors of spread and pistol formations.  I also want to see the quick/fast back we picked up. 
  • I just want to see my Redskins in general.  I missed them.


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I'm actually hoping we don't see Thompson and Meriweather out there, if they're having trouble practicing consistently, no sense in putting them in harm's way yet.

Outside of the obvious starter(s) - Rambo and possibly Amerson- I just wanna see some sound play from the backups. I'd rather see consistent play than ups and downs from most of these guys.

Guys like Compton, Baker (at end), Pashos and Barnett (if he plays) will help determine how much we can trust our depth going forward.

Probably most excited about Rambo, B. Jenkins, Robinson, Helu and healthy Morgan/Orakpo.

Oh, and Forbath's kickoffs!

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1) checking out the defensive rookie players...

2) see if the good reports of WRs translate to good play in the games...

3) I really want to see if we can run pistol read options with either Kirk Cousin / Rex Grossman... Kind of joking on Rex but I am dead serious about Kirk.

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o Tom Compton getting the start at LT will he vomit on himself or hold his own? Will rookie LT Xavier Nixon hold up under the bright lights?


o Going to be watching the battle for the RT spot. I'm hoping against hope that Tony Pashos will play like he did 2 years ago and beat out Tyler Polumbus


o I want to see a viable back-up emerge at RB not just a 3rd down back. I'm looking for Helu and Royster to return to the backs they were 2 years ago. I want to Royster make the most of every carry as opposed to using a handful of carries to get 'warmed up'


o I want to see Keiland-Chris-Jawan separate themselves from the pack and play there way into the conversation w/ Helu and Royster


o I want to see Jordan Reed on the field





o Who starts at SS? Everyone has been saying that Thomas will start but I don't understand why he would if Doughty is healthy?


o Who gets the reps at DE after Jenkins? Where will they play Baker? Does Chris Neild look healthy 100%?


o Roddrick Muckelroy ILB was big fan of his at Texas can he play fast and tough in our scheme? Does he have enough promise to line-up next to Riley in the future?


o I want to see Brandon Jenkins get after the QB


Is EJ Biggers a starting CB good enough to push Chris Wilson?


o Last but not least I want to watch the SAF (Rambo/Thomas) play closely.

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