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  1. Andre Ayew is yet another amazing signing for Swansea. They do great business.
  2. He had previously been quoted as saying he "likes" Vidal but "is not in transfer mode" and responded to a journalist's question about the player -- also linked with Manchester United -- by saying: "Arturo Vidal? You must be from Chile! "We have good midfielders, and at the moment we are not looking at Arturo Vidal."
  3. Man, if the Cavs ran an actual play at the end of regulation and got an easy basket this would be a completely different narrative. But no, just a straight hand-off iso to Lebron on the left wing and he jacks up one of the ugliest shots you could ever jack up at the end of a game.
  4. Agreed. Just trying to enjoy my last few days of privacy before the next 18 years starts. Still can't wait, though. I know I'm gonna cry like a teenage girl when I finally see him.
  5. My little guy is due June 21st. Can't wait.
  6. Big blow for Juve with Chiellini. Best CB in world football imo
  7. Ozil and Cazorla were absolutely brilliant today.
  8. 77 overall with 83 potential http://sofifa.com/player/201455?hl=en-GB
  9. Froggy Fresh and Money Maker Mike are the greatest hip-hop duo in the history of mankind. Now and forever. #FroggyDaGreat
  10. By the way, Elessar, since neither Corcaigh or GHH were clear in their responses, here you go: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liverpool_F.C._0%E2%80%932_Arsenal_F.C._%2826_May_1989%29
  11. I stand by my assessment that Vidal is a more athletic version of Ramsey with better defensive abilities. Ramsey's offensive/defensive statistics are a bit skewed on the account of him playing as a winger for a good number of matches. Ramsey is my favorite player, by the way.
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