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  1. I second Avast. Good basic protection.
  2. Alaskins

    Free Trent Williams

    Yeah, and the NFLPA lawyer was recommended by Mara, I'm sure Isn't there some recourse here? Can we get thh word out and start some sort of outcry?
  3. Hey fellow ES folks. I usually go to a meetup at a restaurant/bar to watch the Skins games. We have completely "cut the cord" and don't have local broadcast TV. How have the streams been for the London games? Will there be good streams online?
  4. Team, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Animal Kingdom (Tuesday night; TNT). The show hits the old SOA and Dexter feel pretty well. We started watching it because one of my wife's family members is part of the show's crew (same crew that did Shameless BTW)... So I went from "OK honey, I'll appease you by watching this" to "Holy cow! this show is AWESOME!" Good bits of TnA, great writing, and great plot. Give it a shot! Here's the IMDB link:
  5. I feel bad for Hue Jackson. Good dude. Bad Franchise.
  6. I originally gave Cos the benefit of the doubt. After reading through this thread and some of the docs... Where there is smoke, there's fire. Too many coincidences, too many claims about the same occurrences.
  7. Wait... I'm confused. Some Ranchers set fire to a bunch of Federal land, then were charged for it. But now the militia says that they shouldn't serve any time? I must be missing a bunch here. And I actually believe in militias, etc. But what's the cause???
  8. Ok **** the Cowboys! I'm watching the Jets v Cowboys game and the verbal hummers they're receiving from the announcers is sickening.
  9. Larry, I was trying not to be a inadvertent Troll, but lots of radio shows and TV (Fox News) are saying that he is going to sign the "all guns" EO. We'll see if it's true in the AM I guess.
  10. Per multiple sources, Obama Executive Order to mandate background checks on all gun purchases... Thoughts?
  11. Commenters and Vegas. I should have bet some money that they'd choke!Edit: and **** the Cowboys!
  12. I'm an independent, and I DON'T GET THIS, this "cowards" talk. Didn't we elect these folks to do their jobs? We saw earlier in this thread that Democrats that voted for the measure were called "unprincipled cowards." Once again it is not the OBAMA PARTY it is the Democratic party. Do you think , just possibly, MAYBE, that folks that are in the inner circles of the US INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE. Like perhaps Chuck Schumer are better briefed than you and I? These are the people that supported the measure, If you'd like to read about more on why they supported it, please see here: Despite the republican rhetoric, it is not mutually exclusive to be a Democrat and a Patriot. It's not also mutually exclusive to be a Democrat and not agree with Obama's edicts.
  13. That's great if your are only worried about your seat/reelection. But maybe, just maybe there are actually Democrats that think for themselves and truly believe that this is a real threat... I.E. Feinstein who is in no danger WHAT SO EVER of losing a reelection. Are you talking about the ones that voted for the resolution... If so, see above. The Democratic party is not the OBAMA party. They are allowed to think for themselves and to vote on what they think is in the best interest of the country.
  14. Sites like Briebart are very right-wing and often I don't agree with their stories... But they got this one right: DHS confirmed that two Syrian families were trying to enter the US at the Mexican border. They did "present" themselves to CBP.
  15. There you go Beal... Some other sites reporting more caught in S. America heading to US before being caught due to Intel sharing:
  16. Fully agreed. Especially given the PR disaster today on the Widows comment (with the French female "suicide" bomber) and the Syrians caught at the TX border trying to sneak in. This is an issue where even "blueblood" Democrats are opposing him. Sometimes I think, "C'mon man, everything doesn't have to be used as an Attack on Republicans." A war-torn country? Or a war-torn country that has a fair number of it's population as sworn enemies of the U.S.? There is a difference, and I don't trust our current powers-that-be to be able to determine the difference.
  17. We've totally come around from the name argument. Can't everyone agree that the logo is not offensive? If anything, the above threads show that it was not a characture etc
  18. When we lived in MD, we did a few DuCLaw releases. Pretty good, but pricey. I used to by Kegs from them which was actually MUCH cheaper than doing growlers, etc. Ahh my single days. LOL