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  1. Not a fan of the Dockers pants. Bring back the gold please. I do like the darker shade of burgundy though. That with a slightly darker gold (not khaki) would look good.
  2. Seriously, where are the gold pants? Why did the team get rid of them?
  3. WTF happened to the gold pants? Team colors are burgundy and gold not burgundy and white. I don’t mind a change up now and then, but majority home games should be burgundy and gold, and majority away games should be white over burgundy. Now and then mix it up with the white pants, but they should not be in regular rotation. Oh, and for the love of god, please bust out the gold jerseys at some point.
  4. Maize is better than the white or khaki pants. It's not even close. Just darken it up a tad, but not as dark as the 70th and we're set. The bigger issue with the uniforms are the stripes. I've been saying that for awhile now, and the team really should streamline things while keeping the primary home look burgundy on gold and the primary away look white on burgundy.
  5. I like the darker burgundy too, but I love the mustard pants. I wouldn't mind seeing them darkened up slightly as well though. Here is a gold hex code I like: It's still more yellow than that hideous khaki gold color that the 49ers use (and the Redskins use for the throwbacks), but a little darker than the current gold.
  6. I recorded the new 24 but haven't watched yet. Does anyone watch 'This Is Us'? My wife likes it so I've seen a few episodes, but I can't say I really like it. Moderately enjoy, sure, but that's about it. I did watch 'Parenthood' and I thought it was the better family drama. NBC should have kept it going another season or so.
  7. That gold jersey would work with the burgundy pants. It would make a better color rush with burgundy pants too. It would be the flip side to the normal home uniform while the team still displays their primary burgundy and gold colors. This as opposed to the solid color look or all burgundy or all gold. Actually, now that I think about it, all teams should try it... Oakland with black pants and silver jerseys. Buffalo with blue pants and red jerseys (as opposed to all red color rush they currently do) Green Bay with green pants and gold jerseys Pittsburg with black pants and gold jerseys etc....
  8. I agree and disagree. I think white on burgundy may indeed be the best look, but burgundy on gold is not far behind, and it's certainly not a goofy look. Nor is white on gold, or all white. All burgundy however did look a little goofy. That may have been my least favorite uniform combo. White on burgundy should be the primary road uniform, while burgundy on gold should be the primary home uniform. Bring back the white pants for the occasional all white look, and use the gold pants on the road for like one game. As I keep saying, the team should fix their stripes, then have white, burgundy, and gold pants and jerseys. If done right, gold jerseys with burgundy pants could look pretty cool. The gist of it would be something like this:
  9. Haha, you are right, my bad. Wasn't there another guy in that mix who was a dud? Comb, Devin, and who else? Thanks Vinny!
  10. Oh man, I do not like the khaki "gold" at all - Boston College / Rams / 49ers / etc... I prefer something in the middle to the bright gold used today by the team, and the khaki color gold. I think the 70th anniversary uniforms got the colors pretty correct. I like the dark deep burgundy used (same for the 80th jerseys), and I kinda like the gold. Here is a great mock up from a few years before the team busted the gold pants out, back in the day when everyone wanted gold pants b/c they were sick of burgundy and white / white and burgundy (sorry, the pick is of Malcolm alarm clock Kelly). Also, notice the gold is much darker, but NOT khaki, and there are two stripes on them to match the burgundy pants and the white pants.
  11. Can we please stop saying white on burgundy represents "winning"? It does, but there are two sides to that coin friends. If that combo represents "winning", then it equally represents losing and mediocrity. For nearly 20 years, the team wore white on burgundy with many losing records, or mediocre seasons. Sure, there were a few playoff games here and there, but overall, the team was equally as terrible as they were good wearing that combo. Also, the gold pants are superior to white pants. It's not even close. Burgundy on white was an ok look for the team, but burgundy on gold IS the team's colors and that is what they should wear at home. White on gold is not nearly as bad as you all are making it out to be. I think the first time we saw it, maybe @ Tennessee with Shanny, people were exited to FINALLY switch it up from the "old and tired" white on burgundy. As a compromise, the team should have white, gold, and burgundy pants, AND white, gold, and burgundy jerseys. They should then have a primary home and road uniform, and mix in the alternate looks now and then. A more pressing issue for the uniforms is the piping. There is just too much inconsistency there. I suggest they do something more like Oakland and keep it really clean and simple. Lastly, can someone explain to me how white on gold "doesn't represent the Redskins"? Looking at you @skins island connection. Here is a cool road uniform from the 60's, and I'm pretty sure, the team wore gold pants:
  12. First off, the "yellow" pants are far from "atrocious". In fact, they look fantastic with the burgundy jerseys. Second, the white on burgundy = as much mediocrity and losing as it does winning. Let's not forget how "cool" the gold pants looked when they busted them out for the first time in years. It was a "welcome" change to the "tired" white on burgundy look. Having said that, like I've said numerous times in this thread, for home games, wear burgundy on gold. For road games wear white on burgundy. Mix it up now and then by using the other colors.... white on white, burgundy on burgundy, white on gold. For something really crazy, bust out a gold jersey and wear it with the burgundy pants. Essentially, out of 16 regular season games, and the 8 home games, the team should wear burgundy on gold for 6 of them. For the Dallas home game, wear white on burgundy. For the "alt" game, bust out the gold jerseys. For the 8 road games, wear white on burgundy for like 6 of them. For two, split it up and do white on white, and one road game white on gold. Other than than, they need to fix the stripes - are we a 3 stripe team or a 2 stripe team? - and bada bing bada boom, the uniforms are perfect. Long story short, burgundy, gold, white pants and jerseys. Use those combos throughout the season, but with the majority of the time in burgundy on gold or white on burgundy.
  13. This is pretty spot on, and better than the current look. I like that the stripes are cleaned up, that's the biggest thing. However, rather than 3 stripes everywhere, I may take it to one. Think Oakland... They have the single stripe on the helmet / pants, and no stripes on the socks. I like white on burgundy for the primary road uniform. I'd keep white on gold for road games every now and then though. Speaking of the gold used in that image, I like it. It's darker than the current shade, but not that khaki gold color the Rams / 49ers / Redskins throwbacks use. Speaking of the throwbacks, I would ditch them and bring back the white pants too (in addition to burgundy). I don't mind all white for an occasional road game (maybe do all white for Thursday night games). Lastly, my radical idea would be to introduce a gold jersey. Then for like one home game, do gold jerseys / burgundy pants. So the team would essentially don burgundy, gold, and white jerseys and pants, and be free to use any combo. (I don't think I'd be a fan of gold on white, or gold on gold though).
  14. My opinion has not changed from the above post. We do those things and we're done. Make it happen Bruce!