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Would you want the defense to be able to return 2 pt attempt?

Tom [Giants fan]

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Let's say you're on D, your team is up by 8, the Offense scores and goes for 2 to tie the game, you intercept it and take it to the house. No longer is it a "no-lose" gamble for the offense (Kick the PAT and be down by 1 or go for two and either be down by 2 or tied), now they're down by 4, a field goal no longer ties the game, they MUST score a TD...

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For 2 pts? Nah. That means they can return an extra point too?

So hypothetically you pick it off on a 2pt and lose a fumble on the return, does the offense get a 1st and 10 and the ball back if they recover?

No, nothing happens. The play is an un-timed attempt at either 1pt (kick) or 2pt (play). After that play is over, game moves to kickoff.

I would really like to see this change implemented. I can remember watching a game a couple of years ago when one team scored late to up by one point. Went for 2 to make difference 3 points, but defending team got turn over and ran back for 2 points. Huge change in game and certainly an exciting play.

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