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  1. Roger.Staubach

    David Irving Goodbye to the NFL message

    I continue to believe that we have a dealer in our organization. Gathers is now up. Right kind of guy, my ass.
  2. The Cowboys are a drug-dealer's dream. What the hell is wrong with someone that is willing to give up millions so that they can smoke some pot??? David Irving 'goodbye to the NFL' message:
  3. Roger.Staubach

    Gameday Thread

    I would mute the TV if SAS called a game.
  4. Roger.Staubach

    ESPN: Jason Witten pondering retirement to join MNF

    I just feel that he could improve the game, long-term. But, I also agree that he is pretty good where he is at.
  5. Roger.Staubach

    ESPN: Jason Witten pondering retirement to join MNF

    While his voice is annoying and he often talks too much, Romo knows the game. He needs to go into coaching.
  6. I don't know how to respond to this. WTF???
  7. Roger.Staubach

    Gameday Thread

    I think it is Bruce that is killing you. Jay has been working with a MASH unit for the last two. And, now, you may not have a QB. Jay has been dealt a tough hand. (I also feel sorry for Alex Smith. Guy is just not wanted for whatever reason yet he was good. I hope his career isn't over.)
  8. Roger.Staubach

    Gameday Thread

    Crazy, Huh? I heard that and was like, WTF...
  9. Roger.Staubach

    Gameday Thread

    I wonder how many from each 'side' would make that trade. When the Eagles win, we are all doomed. **Where is Westy, btw?**
  10. Roger.Staubach

    Gameday Thread

    VoR... we wasted Romo. Your hatred for Dan is no different than mine for Jerry. Egos. Lot's and lots of egos.
  11. Roger.Staubach

    Gameday Thread

    Yes. This. Lawyers got involved, I think. Covering their collective butts.
  12. I don't have a dog in this fight, but it disturbs me that these are grown men that you are talking about.. what planet are these children from?
  13. Roger.Staubach

    Redskins Cut DJ Swearinger!

    Screw primadonna players like that. Texans did the same with him.
  14. Roger.Staubach

    Gameday Thread

    He and Romo have very similar numbers...