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  1. Yes. She was on the ground and he kicked her feet.
  2. Roger.Staubach

    Norman, enough is enough!

    Cowboys are the same.
  3. Roger.Staubach


    The refs gave us the game on Thanksgiving. Even as a Cowboys fan, I don't want that. For all of the money that the NFL generates, you would think k that there would be additional referres and "full-time* on the payroll.
  4. Roger.Staubach

    Norman, enough is enough!

    There are not many Darrell Green's in the world. I still remember him punching Michael Irvin in the gut, post-play. On the field, the man was a beast. Off of the field, he was a gentleman. I will always tip my hat to that man.
  5. Roger.Staubach

    Norman, enough is enough!

    I think it is cost/benefit ala Deion Sanders in his prime. When you have a baller, the salary cap implications arh it. The rules have changed so much in recent years that Norman is at a disadvantage. I think k the rules, and lawsuits, have (or will) ruin the NFL.
  6. Roger.Staubach

    Amari Cooper

    I wasn't a fan of the price we paid at the time (knowing that a future contract is on the horizon). However, I have now changed my mind. Our offense has improved significantly.
  7. Roger.Staubach

    Norman, enough is enough!

    In fairness, I thought the refs helped the Cowboys tremendously during this game. Holding calls, blows to the head, off-sides, hands to the face. It was crazy how many missed calls and/or calls that went our way that we (a Skins fans and I) noticed.
  8. Roger.Staubach

    Gameday Thread

    The last time Colt played the Cowboys. You guys, IMO, played us perfectly in October. I am talking 2014 or 2015.
  9. Roger.Staubach

    Gameday Thread

    Cowboys need a kicker. They also need to stop growing marijuana in the defenseive locker room. Colt destroyed the Cowboys last time.
  10. Garrett doesn't cry. Ever. He claps. Then he claps more. It's like he's got stock in those commercials from the 80's. Clap on. Clap off. Ugh.
  11. Good luck. No injuries. I hope Mr. Snyder has a terrible day.
  12. Roger.Staubach

    **** the Cowboys

    They beat our ass the first time we played them. 60-yard pass over Peanut to start the day. We have the worst QB in football.
  13. Roger.Staubach

    **** the Cowboys

    True. 'When' he gets healthy. Alex is the best of those playing right now. Dak and Foles suck. Eli has been mediocre his entire career. Smith has good numbers.