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  1. I don't have a dog in this fight, but it disturbs me that these are grown men that you are talking about.. what planet are these children from?
  2. The refs gave us the game on Thanksgiving. Even as a Cowboys fan, I don't want that. For all of the money that the NFL generates, you would think k that there would be additional referres and "full-time* on the payroll.
  3. They beat our ass the first time we played them. 60-yard pass over Peanut to start the day. We have the worst QB in football.
  4. True. 'When' he gets healthy. Alex is the best of those playing right now. Dak and Foles suck. Eli has been mediocre his entire career. Smith has good numbers.
  5. Romo is still the best QB in this division. And...please don't consider that trolling. I, honestly, think he is.
  6. I was wondering how long until this was brought up in here. If there was ever a reason for me to root against our own defense. i hope they suck just enough that it doesn't stick. <----intentional?
  7. KH, was he drinking? I didn't read that but I also haven't followed up. If so, gun belongs anywhere but on his side. Disagree with the off-duty and chambered. If I am carrying, it is always chambered. Pray to god I never have to use it, but if I do...both the weapon and I better be damned ready. Like, right now ready. Fed or not. Last thing I want is a sweaty hand to miss the slide or have to pull the trigger twice.
  8. This is the right move, IMO. You don't **** around when you're carrying while loaded/chambered.
  9. Agree with all of the above. I was just curious about the 'educated elite' label. But whatever. Dude is a moron.
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