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  1. Tom [Giants fan]

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at Giants

    As always, here is to an injury free game!
  2. Tom [Giants fan]

    Daniel Jones era begins

    The biggest difference between Jones and Eli is that Jones is much younger and can move around. Eli would have been killed all day today.
  3. Tom [Giants fan]

    Game Day Thread - Cow****es at Redskins

    I know the Giants lost to the Cowboys but they had 470 yards of offense against them. The Redskins will definitely be able to move the ball and score. The biggest thing will be the Redskins getting off the field when the Cowboys have the ball. The Giants could not get off the field. That is going to be key for the Skins today.
  4. Tom [Giants fan]


    I won't even give him any attention by reading what garbage he spews. He was like a JV football coach who just got promoted instantly to the NFL. He did not belong on an NFL sideline as head coach. The first season was a fluke and had more to do with the players and what Tom Coughlin left. I think this past season was the real McAdoo as an NFL Head Coach. He is young so he may get another shot in a few years but right now, he is not head coaching material.
  5. Tom [Giants fan]

    The Race to Black Monday 2020:

    Why bother with those guys when you can have McAdoo right now??
  6. Tom [Giants fan]

    The Race to Black Monday 2020:

    Done! Spags is interim coach and Abrams is GM, for now.
  7. Tom [Giants fan]

    The Race to Black Monday 2020:

    Bye Mcadoosh!!!
  8. Tom [Giants fan]


    The Giants will NOT win a game this year! The wheels have come flying off!! Worse season in my 39 years as a Giants fan!!! Big changes are needed during the offseason!! And there are still 11 games left!!! Oh boy!
  9. Tom [Giants fan]


    Gould is signed for the rest of the year and it looks like if things go well, a long term contract could be in the making for him as a Giant. IF and I say IF Brown was abused as a child, I hope he gets the help he needs. That being said, I never want to see him on the Giants or any other NFL team for that matter. Brown's crimes > Pete Rose gambling = Lifetime ban for Brown! Bye Bye Brown!!!
  10. Tom [Giants fan]


    Brown will be suspended many games and maybe even cut by the Giants with this newly released evidence. I hope he is off of the Giants very soon!
  11. Tom [Giants fan]


    They are working on it. They still have around $25 million left. They have spoken with Okung and are going to speak with Penn. OL is the next priority and they are working on it.
  12. Tom [Giants fan]


    The Giants also have a draft to improve as well. It isn't like they are going to rest solely on free agents.
  13. Tom [Giants fan]

    **** the Cowboys

    He is an absolute beast and is only going to get better.
  14. Tom [Giants fan]

    The Figure Four - ALL Things ECW-WWF-NJPW-TNA-ROH-AEW

    I actually paid $45 to watch this and there were commercials!!!!!
  15. Tom [Giants fan]

    Fun With Eli's Drunk Pic

    Yeah, it was Eli's fault. He turned the running play into a passing play without telling the people who needed to know. And he took responsibility for it from what I've heard. he also said he would have been able to go back in the game if it was a regular season game once he got stitched up. Eli is a lot tougher than I thought or he looks.