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  1. TheMalcolmConnection

    Gameday Thread

    Just need the patriots to lose and I can enjoy another redskins less offseason.
  2. TheMalcolmConnection

    Gameday Thread

  3. TheMalcolmConnection

    Gameday Thread

    This is becoming the most obvious ending ever.
  4. TheMalcolmConnection

    Gameday Thread

    No flag? I’m shocked.
  5. TheMalcolmConnection

    Gameday Thread

    There is some sketchy ass officiating going on the past few days. Some huge key calls seem to make a game more than it should be. Flag was maaaad late.
  6. TheMalcolmConnection

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

    When are WE going to suck enough a generational talent can just fall in our laps?! We always have good players, but when did we have THE guy(s)? I might have argued Portis, Moss and ST were the last time you could even say that. I feel like every year one team in the NFCE does enough of a tank job they get to pick a GREAT player. For us, we get a guard (hey, I love me some Scherff obviously).
  7. TheMalcolmConnection

    Having Fun with Our Misery: Most Redskins way for season to play out?

    Multiple records set in the final game. Check.
  8. TheMalcolmConnection

    Game Day Thread - Philthy at Redskins

    This is the worst defensive game I’ve seen all season including the giants game.
  9. For a lot of people Facebook is just a vanity tool anyway. It’s like, “hey check out mt dinner!” Twenty likes? Excellent (in Montgomery Burns voice). I’m guilty of it too but if people are suddenly shocked that anything you put online is available forever then I have some bad news for you.
  10. TheMalcolmConnection

    Gameday Thread

    We’re there actually pats fans prior to Brady?i had never met one in my life and now people I know born and raised here who suddenly got into football and loved the patriots.
  11. TheMalcolmConnection

    Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: Kenny Loggins Special

    Ehhh, my only concern is that it's MNF. Otherwise, no one on the Eagles offense scares me. Skins 21-17.
  12. TheMalcolmConnection

    Redskins vs Texans Prediction Thread: Pessimistically Optimistic?

    One thing I notice is that when QBs run on us, it's this weird thing where they pocket just turns into a jumble and there is no way to get a hand on them. I feel like we're the only team that has that happen for better or worse. It's like we get good push, but both OL and DL just mesh into this weird clump and even non-mobile QBs get first downs on us. Hell, I remember Eli Manning doing a few which drives me bananas...
  13. TheMalcolmConnection

    What's the most fun you've had lately?

    Hahaha! Awesome. Every time we're in Richmond we stop by Hardywood, so we got lucky with one opening up in Charlottesville. It's nice to be able to be there on the Gingerbread Stout release day and not have to wait in line. Speaking of which, if you can get your hands on "Christmas Pancakes" I personally thought it was better than their Gingerbread Stout this year. SO tasty.
  14. TheMalcolmConnection

    What's the most fun you've had lately?

    Ahh, so Richmond I'm guessing? Speaking of microbreweries, I believe it's pretty close to Hardywood right?
  15. TheMalcolmConnection

    What's the most fun you've had lately?

    I know it's stupid, but Topgolf. As someone who played nine holes of golf in my entire life, this was an absolute blast. Wife was a natural (she had never played in her life). It took me a full round to get my swing, but damn that crazy fun. It was my birthday, so the mimosas were flowing right when they open, then we hit up a bunch of nearby breweries. You guys up in Nova are spoiled with some DAMN good ones.