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  1. Correct. Booked both at Kroger. Was just saying CVS in PA are doing 1b with no age requirement as a back up plan. That being said I think we’re good at Kroger. Lots of 1b friends got in just like we did and Kroger just asked for their insurance info and said pull up your sleeve.
  2. That’s such a bummer and honestly it’s getting ridiculous. Hoping they honor our appointments. The information is all over the place and I hate the goal posts constantly being moved when you have a scheduled appointment. Based on what I’m reading I think we should be fine. Backup plan is CVS in PA allows out of state 1b people.
  3. In Virginia, it's tougher and tougher to get shots if you're in 1b, but my wife and I were able to secure appointments going through findashot.org. We were able to book through Kroger when my wife luckily caught some the two minutes they were open. Basically, it's 65 and older only according to what we're seeing on a couple of vaccination Facebook groups. Hopefully with J&J here now, we'll start to see progress to the people who were previously in 1b and under 65 as well.
  4. HA! Yo! So what are YOU hearing about vaccines at the Berglund Center? We got appointments online, but now they're saying it's only for second doses, but we have a confirmed appointment...
  5. Anyone in the Roanoke/NRV area? My wife and I just got an email from a friend saying they opened a mass vaccination event at the Berglund Center for 3/3. According to them, they're doing 1b (which we qualify for), but with the cluster**** that the information has been, are they suddenly going to say it's 65 and older suddenly? I wish they would have just put 65 and older in 1a if they're going to be so damn selective which "portion" of 1b you're vaccinating right now. I'm at the point that ANY shot in an arm is a good thing, so why not just do the rest of the phases and let people get them who
  6. Ahhh, it makes a little bit of sense to me, but personally, I think everyone in 1b should have an equal chance of getting it. I think exposure should be given much greater weight in the phases. Yes, first responders 10000% should be ahead of ALL of us, but with the virus killing everyone regardless of age, why shouldn't a 40 year old grocery store worker be equally as likely to get it as a 65 year old retiree that's been getting groceries delivered and hasn't left their house.
  7. Question about CVS in Virginia? Why are they able to say, "We're only doing 65 and older" when VDH is saying 1b? I don't believe CVS is able to just pick and choose what PART of 1b they're doing right?
  8. My wife and I do alright and while we don’t “need” the $1400 you can be damn sure we’ll spend that ****. If you’re a 1%er then sure, that **** won’t trickle down, but lowering it to not include upper middle or lower upper class is missing out what could be a big influx to the rest of the country.
  9. In and Out burger. You’re supposed to like it so you feel bad saying otherwise, but they’re not even top ten for me in fast food. Underseasoned AF.
  10. Side note: was there a reason why higher education wasn't in 1b in Virginia? I work at UVa and have to interact daily with 50+ kids from ALL over the country and not saying K-12 is easier, but at least you know where those kids come from and they sure as hell aren't out on Fridays and Saturdays mixing it up with each other (that I know of lol).
  11. I pretty much only have lurked in The Tailgate on the political stuff with a random "WTF" post about Trump, but man, this is... refreshing. I don't even remember what it's like to see people smiling, hell to see the President show affection to his wife. Feels good bro.
  12. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/parler-partially-reappears-support-russian-234401397.html Nothing says Patriotism like setting up shop in Russia.
  13. I read some of this **** and I'm left speechless. How...like, do they live daily life? What do you think will happen for you? Jeeeeezus.
  14. This is mostly how I see these assholes. It's like they're just DYING to use their second amendment rights to kill someone. I swear, the internet right now is hard on anyone's mental health reading our elected leaders openly supporting this type of ****.
  15. Sure seems like you'd at least have some semblance of a plan when you are literally willing to murder people.
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