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  1. TheMalcolmConnection

    ISO: World Series Tickets

    Hey all, I saw someone in another thread that was offering to sell his/her tickets for face value. We can't afford to pay much more than that, so a broker isn't an option. Not sure if anyone has any good sources or is willing to sell theirs, but my wife and I would die to go to potentially a once-in-a-lifetime event. Thanks! PM me if you have any thoughts/tickets...
  2. Fear not. I'm keeping up with my superstition and won't be watching updates except online. If the game SEEMS out of reach I MIGHT flip it over. That being said, I did watch every second of the previous series, sooo.
  3. No, it's my fault. The entire Cards series I've been getting the score SOLEY by reactions here and watching the updates on ESPN. The second I turned the game over the Cards scored those runs. I guess I can't watch the WS live.
  4. TheMalcolmConnection

    Game Day Thread - Skins at Fins Someone’s Gotta Win

    Is there a way to see which team has the most fourth down attempts against them? It has to be us.
  5. TheMalcolmConnection

    Is it time to go Nuclear on Snyder???

    I have this feeling any movement will be one of those things where like 30-40 people show up and it looks sad. This has to be something where literally thousands of people take place for change to really happen.
  6. TheMalcolmConnection

    Worst Song Lyrics

    I could get deep into actual quality songs, but I've never heard a more trash song played more often than "Who Let the Dogs Out?" I mean there is some pop absolute trash out there, but this one tops them all for me.
  7. TheMalcolmConnection

    The Impeachment Thread

    That would be honestly the lowest point in American politics, but my god, how hilarious would it be?! And honestly, I think she'd kick his ass. And i am NO Warren fan.
  8. TheMalcolmConnection

    The Impeachment Thread

    For such a tough guy, his vajay sure gets sensitive sometimes. Like how does the base not see what a giant **** he is? LMAO. Honestly, this is about where we are now: Whoever the candidate is, walk up to Trump and be like "Punch me you ****. Punch me. You won't do it ****." Either a) he doesn't do it and looks like the **** he is or b) he does it and gets his ass kicked. I'd pay GOOD money to see that.
  9. Ripping this off from someone a few years back: Braves Fan: What do you think of the Braves? Nats Fan: We don't. About sums it up for me. As a kid growing up, they were the "Southern Yankees". Everyone was a fan for no reason at all.
  10. TheMalcolmConnection

    The Impeachment Thread

    That does make me lol, but like they CAN'T see where he came from right?
  11. TheMalcolmConnection

    The Impeachment Thread

    Still never understood how a lying piece-of-trash corporate New Yorker got the lower class to vote for him when he built his profit on their backs. Like how do you not feel like a ****?!
  12. TheMalcolmConnection

    Redskins vs Giants Prediction Thread: The Wagons Are Circled... Around a Whirlpool

    What have the #Giants done the past few yearsa?! 1) Been so ****ty to get a top pick in 2018? 2) Been so ****ty to get a top pick in 2017? 3) Beat a ****ty Bucs team?! #GiantsNation Dumb.
  13. TheMalcolmConnection

    Game Day Thread - Bears at Redskins
  14. TheMalcolmConnection

    Case Keenum Named Week 1 Starter