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Is extremeskins the most active online team forum in the NFL???


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I apologize for placing this thread in the stadium, didn't know where else to put it.

I've been trolling the forums of other teams lately, trying to get info on their draft picks. I've been to all the "A-list" teams forums too. Patriots, Steelers, Bears, Giants, Cowboys, Packers, etc.

With the draft, they've all had a lot of activity lately, but none of them even come close to how busy ES is. I mean, during the evening hours this off-season, extremeskins sometimes has hundreds of members online, and on Sundays after games, I've seen over 2,000 people online at once. The forums I've found for other NFL teams don't even have HALF of the activity that ES does.

Is it just that I haven't found the "extremeskins" board for the other teams? Or is the Redskins fanbase just that god dang awesome to where there are always hundreds of people online wanting to talk Redskins all day every day? Because as far as I can tell, no other NFL team's online forums are even close to being as active as ES. :D

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Memberwise we are huge, if the average post per member would go up...we should be at the top three.

I am shocked about the amount of Dutch forums in the top 25, I gess now I know what everybody is doing at work. +)

You guys call that gezellig right? :silly:

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Do this...

Go to google and search for "Redskins Forum"

And see how many different active forums come up in your results. Then do that with others teams.

What you will find is the Skins fans are the most active online out of all the other teams in the NFL and it's not really close.

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I've visited a few other NFL forums out of curiosity, and ES is the biggest I've seen by a pretty big margin.

that has been my experience as well and not just with football either...impressive following here...

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4k online after the Lions loss in 2009... That is the standing record...

Ah man that day was nuts. That day must have set the record for Mods banning people

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We were talking about it at Draft Day, a lot of us use this site as not only our Redskins site, but our go to news site. You see it on here most times before it hits the big press.

Honestly, I hardly ever log onto Redskins.com. I read up on everything here

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