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  1. I hope you know this was from a movie and not real
  2. Hey look it's been a month since we talked about the Redskins and their offensive name.......so let's make a new article and showing more people offended by it. So annoying!
  3. I remember the world record fail at America's Got Talent
  4. MEGA TRADE: Round 2 Pick 30 (BALT) Round 3 Pick 23 Round 3 Pick 32 (BALT) Round 4 Pick 22 Round 4 Pick 32 (BALT) Round 5 Pick 21 Round 5 Pick 29 Round 5 Pick 32 (BALT) Round 6 Pick 23 Round 7 Pick 22 Baltimore traded me those picks all for my 2nd pick - could not pass up....and if that happened IRL OMFG! ---------- Post added March-30th-2013 at 07:19 PM ---------- LOL ended the draft with 12 picks.....5 in the 4th oh snap did not realize I also snagged a 2014 3rd round pick and 2015 1st round pick
  5. This is what is wrong with America.......I only know about this show because of The Soup...and it angers me
  6. OMG! I saw that on recently and me and the fiancee could not believe it was real. So she went on there and we were dying laughing about this website....too funny
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvmKSuERht4&feature=player_embedded Wow what happened to the Hardy Boyz? After Jeff's fiasco against Sting where Sting really pinned him in a 1 minuteish main event match and now this....jesus I hope this is fake though
  8. i lol that cowboys let dez bryant wear 88
  9. Taco Bell Commercial for the Chalupa XXL bothers the hell out of me. The guy is HOLDING a whole CHALUPA and says man I can't eat another bite. WTF he didn't even take ONE BITE. Speaking of commercials the commercial I think it's for FloTV where they are talking about college games and they say some of the biggest college rivalries it shows Oregon and Texas "fighting" it is implying they are a big rivalry.,,,NO!
  10. Interesting fact: If you light a picture (like from a camera - Polaroid and similar pictures) and then put it in a glass ashtray....the ashtray will explode!
  11. I agree cause ANY MMA fighter would be smart and take it to the ground to show Toney what MMA is about and how as Randy said boxing is only a small part of what they do
  12. I am waiting for some boxer fans to pull the whole lay n pray argument.
  13. Stormtrooper 365 ftmfw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Is it me or did the fighters seem to have "scripts" usually guys feel natural when they talked but this season it seems as this is all a stunt to get Kimbo in the UFC
  15. Can we close this now - it's not even there anymore
  16. ONLY for home games though. It will confuse the hell out of the other teams
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