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  1. I think that Dallas game gets a pass because at least we were competitive.
  2. Are you guys kidding me? Does anyone remember Zorn's idiotic 2 fake FG's in December 2009? That was the last time they were ever worn. Keep them buried
  3. While we're on the uniform topic perhaps Im in the minority but I prefer the look of the Reebok jerseys from 2002-2011 more than the Nike look of recent years
  4. I like our throwbacks. We got them right in 2012 with the "leather" helmet look. However, I think its time for a refresh. I mean this would be the 5th season in a row with these throwbacks
  5. So all burgundy with the throwback helmets from 2002-2003? That wouldnt look right
  6. If we are going to wear the throwbacks again, cant we just replace our regular helmet decals with the feather for 1 week? I always assumed thats how it worked.
  7. I can't imagine our burgundy pants wouldn't have some sort of stripe on there. I also agree and think those are practice pants. They look like they were purchased in bulk from Dick's
  8. If you think Cousins sleeves look goofy, have you seen Peyton Manning and Sam Bradford?
  9. We just bring back burgundy and white pants back into the regular rotation, and use the gold pants as an alternate
  10. Isnt there some NFL rule that says you can only have 1 pair of pants per season and an alternate pair of pants?
  11. Are those the ones we've been wearing the last 2 years? With the logo removed from the helmet?
  12. How about just coming out in white jerseys for the Dallas game? Im getting tired of this burgundy at home crap.
  13. I really wish we'd come out on Sunday with the White tops and burgundy pants. For old time sake. These gold pants need to be given a rest for a week
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