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  1. kiingspadee

    2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I mean can't be mad at this point. I knew Barkley was a pipe dream and we get a talented DL. We get a great RB who was projected in the first but character issues caused him to drop. On ESPN they were saying he is like Cook how he was supposed to go early but dropped and ended up being a steal. We get a third round pick sooooo let's go
  2. kiingspadee

    2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Sucks that Giants will get Barkley. When we win we lose.
  3. So, what would be the harm in bringing in Dez and just kicking the tires? Someone who has a grudge against the Cowboys is okay with me.
  4. You realize Kirk was NOT signing here. We NEEDED a QB. Alex Smith would fit in our system and it cost us Fuller. It sucks but QB is more important
  5. The person who tweeted it is not an official source or anything. Seems like speculation but I never know who is in the know or not
  6. I hate this idea that Alex is a downgrade at QB. Sure he is older but he has proven his talent time and time again. He has won big games and PRIMETIME games and actually has lead teams to victories. Cousins has a lot of garbage time stats
  7. kiingspadee

    Lets keep laughing at the Browns, while we can

    If they get will be hard not to root for them
  8. Uh I would rather have Barkley. If he gets past the #1 pick....lets move up and get him. Barkley can easily change our entire offense
  9. This is actually somethign I have been saying. They are doing something wrong. How many "injury" prone guys go to a new team and play healthy? Orakpo for example. Too many injuries and things that I really think they are hurting us in the longrun