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  1. Got the same email...no upgrade for me either. I have mixed feelings about this.
  2. I agree, it seems like the TO is following the rules they set up, and that is fair. We'll see how things proceed with people who try to renew at the last minute. (Note: last season I renewed on time and didn't get any seat upgrade.) I will say, however, that this season is uncommon with the CBA situation. So if the ticket office was ever going to be lenient with STH on late renewals, this is the season to do it. I definitely hope I didn't just pay for a handful of scab games!
  3. Just wanted to relay my experience here. I renewed last Friday 4/15. The ticket office rep was pretty inflexible overall. I asked about getting the two free tickets to FedEx field event of my choice, but they wouldn't budge on that as that was only given to people who renewed pretty early (late February I think). I also asked about the automatic upgrade program. They said that I pretty much needed to renew by this week in order to hold my seats for next season, that I would at least be at risk of losing them if I waited much longer. In terms of improving my seats, it sounded pretty unlikely a
  4. I dig burgundy + burgundy. I like the gold pants idea too, heck why not even try a gold jersey.
  5. ...for the 'skins to don the burgundy on burgundy. That's right. Burgundy jerseys. Burgundy pants. White-on-white has (quietly) returned this season, and has been a success. But I think it's time for the new look of 2008... :point2sky
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