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  1. Heard some glass shattering, big bumps and bangs and cursing and yelling going on in the apartment below mine (or another one nearby, I couldn't tell and was too afraid to leave my own apartment) about an hour ago. Definitely sounded like some kind of domestic violence. I called the cops, described what I heard, gave them my address and they said they'd send an officer over to check it out. Things have been fairly calm the last 45 minutes or so. No cops came to my door or anything, and I'm not even sure if they came. I got the courage to put on my shoes and go outside to check the parking lot a little while ago, and I didn't see a police car. I kind of thought it was protocol for the police to come to the door of the person who reported the noise, but maybe that's in other places. I guess I'll just go to sleep?
  2. Just found out a buddy of mine was robbed at gunpoint delivering a pizza. Little thugs told him they wanted the pizza for free and the cash in his pocket. I pretty much had a job guaranteed at the same pizza joint starting this fall, but I don't think I'll be pursuing it any further.
  3. I think it's cool when fans have a biased network to listen to games. It's fun. The thing is, in my experience, most of them aren't biased when it comes to penalties, calls or the like. They mostly just get more excited when their team scores. Every team has their biased commentary team, so what's the big deal?
  4. I'm unfortunately too poor at this stage in my life to afford beer geekdom. It will happen some day, though.
  5. Okay everyone, here's a question about your beer containment chambers. What do you like to drink beer out of? Glass, mug, just the bottle, or something else? The reason I ask: I just bought some Auburn drinkware at a major sale at the arena today. I bought one tall pilsner-style glass, and one ceramic mug (both were $10, normally marked at $25). I figured I could keep one and give my dad the other. The glass would be best for seeing the beer's color, and the more obvious contemporary choice. But the mug is really nice-looking. And it looks like what they'd drink beer out of at an old Irish pub or something. The dork in me wants to go with the mug, but I'm still undecided.
  6. I bought a Star Wars comic book today. Because I needed to be nerdier.
  7. Why don't most people allow themselves to be challenged when they enter a movie theater, or open a book, or listen to music? Why is everyone so afraid of what might take more than a few minutes to think about?
  8. So what does everyone like to eat when they're hung over? I'd love to know some answers within the next hour or so...
  9. Anyone listened to the new Arctic Monkeys album yet? I don't think they'll ever stop surprising their audience.
  10. I hate how people use the low scoring factor to bash soccer. As if the only compelling thing about sports is the act of someone scoring.
  11. So, I found out about an hour ago that I supposedly committed a felony in 2010. The only time I've ever dealt with the police is when I got a speeding ticket back in January. But I can't get hired at the place I'm trying to get a job until I'm no longer deemed a felon. No money has been mysteriously disappearing from my bank account. I don't really know what to think.
  12. Having so much trouble getting motivated to study. This summer classes thing hasn't gone so well.
  13. It's just one lump. It doesn't look like the cysts in those photos, though. There's no discoloration, and it doesn't even hurt (until today when my mom, girlfriend and aunts all decided to examine and poke at it). It's just a slightly protruding, though pretty wide and solid, lump that I wouldn't have noticed without looking in a mirror. I guess that's why I brushed it off so long.
  14. Soo... does anyone have any experiences with slightly protruding lumps around the lower ribcage area? :/ It's around where my liver is supposed to be, according to my great-aunt who is a nurse. I'm going to the doctor about it tomorrow. I noticed it a few weeks ago and kind of brushed it off until this weekend when I told my parents about it. Now I'm starting to worry myself about it.
  15. I can't believe the Gold Cup is only on Fox Soccer Channel. Does anyone know of any websites where I could watch the USA play?