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Good and accurate post. Can't wait for the off season when I can read more of these threads.

It should be a wacky offseason for sure. Was listening to Lavar and Dukes when they had Rich Campbell on there yesterday... He said that they are going to be heavily pursuing in free agency this year... and Rich is a Reskins insider

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I hate people who start these threads (sorry but ridiculous ideas) and then never respond in them.

It is like you know your idea is ridiculous and run from it. If you truly thought it was a good idea, then you would try and defend your original post with more thoughts on why it would be smart to make such a move. These are the exact threads that are clogging the main page and should be closed and removed.

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Okay that's taking it a bit far. I'm not a huge fan of Leinart but Brady Quinn is on another level when it comes to sucking horribly.

Not that I love Brady Quinn (because I do not), but to be fair:

Brady Quinn has a better TD-INT (10-9 vs. 14-20) split, and only marginally worse numbers in completion % and QB rating, despite Leinhart having Fitz and Boldin and Quinn having, well, Mohamed Massaquoi and Mike Furrey as his top two WRs.

If you think Leinhart is redeemable, than surely you should think Quinn is.

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You can't drop Matt Leinart in a city filled with 22 and 23 year old interns.

Is there a Salt Lake City in the NFL? He needs to go there.

That really made me laugh almost as much as the fact that someone actually wants to give this guy a try!

If he is not good enough for Russ Grimm, he is not good enough for me.

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I would welcome Matt only because of how much i dislike Rex Grossman.

I don't get this.

Leinhart: 17 starts, 57.1 completion %, 70.8 rating, 14-20 TD-INT (0.82/game-1.18/game)

Grossman 33 starts, 54.0 completion %, 70.2 rating, 38-39 TD-INT (1.17/game-1.18/game)

Leinhart had Fitz and Boldin, Rex had Mushin and Berrian.

I don't get that at all except personal bias.

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