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  1. We need Heinicke in camp next year. That guy seems to have "it". I was so damned impressed with him.
  2. How was this guy sitting in class at Old Dominion? Seriously. Heinicke can ball man.
  3. I mean if the officials are going to let Tampa grab our d-lines facemasks....
  4. Heinicke is looking good. I mean his athleticism and decision making. They way he's looking I'm surprised he wasn't on someone's roster.
  5. I'm over here LMAO at Philly the last thing you can do in that spot is jump and they jumped
  6. Yeah the call on Fuller was weak. They were both hand fighting and the receiver pushes Fuller behind him to go for ball.
  7. Eagles' quarterback Carson Wentz is suing the Washington's defense for taking him Toohill and back in the first game of the season. The Smith-Williams law firm has filed a motion to dismiss that charges on Washington's behalf. Side Note: That was pretty weak but it's the best I could do.
  8. Had to go the sports bar because Fox shenanigans. Glad I did. I'll say it again. It's nice to have a coaching staff that can make mid game adjustments. Anyone taking us for a joke going forward is in for a rude awakening. Whatever you say about this team, they play hard.
  9. Some people that I was wrong to be dismissive of Dallas, when I said I didn't fear them. Glad to see them smoked like a ham today.
  10. Every time I see that dude's name, I think about how horrible of a signing he was.
  11. I'm not worried about Dallas. I'm just glad we aren't playing the Giants again. We make them look like the 72 Dolphins. MIke McCarthy is making Jason Garrett look like Vince Lombardi. Say what you will abou the old red clapper, but he never finished under .500, Dallas is 3-7. With their roster, even without Dak, in our division they should be better than 3-7.
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