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  1. I see I'm not only one hoping they put a call into Eric Reid.
  2. I'll just agree to disagree. Dak was primed to do to the Cowboys what Cousins did to us.
  3. That's pure hindsight. He get's through this season he gets more than 35 million. QB after QB has gotten paid, often more than they are worth IMO, it would have been no different for him.
  4. What happened to Dak is why I don't begrudge players for getting every dollar they can when they can.
  5. I saw him in the system last year. He was so bad they turned to WIll Grier. I hope I'm wrong but I don't see anything more than a back up in Kyle Allen.
  6. If Alex is healthy. I don't get the switch to Allen. I lived just outside of Charlotte. Once the league got tape on him, Kyle Allen was a turnover machine.
  7. @09 I've seen like three versions of that meme. So I get that reference
  8. Same thing just in a different area. She was working for CSN Bay Area.
  9. Unfortunately she was recently laid off, maybe they can bring her back?
  10. No the hit would be even worse next year because the cap may be as low as 175 million. It's 198 million this year.
  11. The salary cap is going down next year. Why take the hit if you don't have to.
  12. Yeah it would and honestly I think every team should keep 3 QBs this year. With Covid-19 having 2 QBs this year is really dicey IMO.
  13. Neither did I until I saw it. That's why I'm stunned got cleared. I mean they literally had to rebuild his lower leg. I didn't even know muscle grafts were a thing.
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