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  1. Some people that I was wrong to be dismissive of Dallas, when I said I didn't fear them. Glad to see them smoked like a ham today.
  2. Every time I see that dude's name, I think about how horrible of a signing he was.
  3. I'm not worried about Dallas. I'm just glad we aren't playing the Giants again. We make them look like the 72 Dolphins. MIke McCarthy is making Jason Garrett look like Vince Lombardi. Say what you will abou the old red clapper, but he never finished under .500, Dallas is 3-7. With their roster, even without Dak, in our division they should be better than 3-7.
  4. Philly is atrocious. Our D-Line will have Wentz for breakfast again. I'm surprised they haven't benched him yet. They need to send Prince Harry back to the UK. Dallas doesn't play hard. The Giants and our team are talent deficient but the both play hard. Philly and Dallas seems like they've packed in for the year already.
  5. Well.....not the way I wanted things to end, but for the first time in along time. I feel we are actually building something. HTTR

  6. My grandma's a Saints fan, thankfully she's still going to let me in her house after today.

  7. Wow. Excellent Comeback

  8. Giant's getting obliterated and there is still 5 minutes left in the 1st Qtr. Lovin it.

    1. Qdeathstar


      misery loves company

    2. Darc Requiem

      Darc Requiem

      Nope, no matter what the Skins do. I always want the Giants, Eagles, and Cowboys to lose.

  9. I'd like to know who the idiot was that decided to make a PG-13 remake of Robocop. PG-13 remake of one the bloodiest R rated movies of it's time. Really?

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    2. Darc Requiem

      Darc Requiem

      That's actually a pretty good idea Mr. Sinister

    3. Glenn X

      Glenn X

      The '87 "RoboCop" (one of my all-time faves) was produced for $15 mil. Even "cheap" movies today cost triple that. The remake cost $100 mil, and Hollywood doesn't make R-rated movies (outside of "T2") at that expense. It isn't cost-efficient.

    4. Painkiller


      They probably think rebooting Robocop into a softer version increases the bottom line and multiple sequels opportunities. You expand your viewing audience. You create a "franchise." Some things just are what they are, and a precedent was set with the original movies. Now in your quest to max out your profits you alienate fans who loved the original movie for what it was. I.E. "Clash of the Titans" Give me the original any day over the new version and it's sequel. Ma...

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