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  1. OK so this is my really quick vision on Wrestlemania if I got to book it. Let me state a few things first. 1. WWE needs new stars that can be top guys for the next 10 years. They cannot keep relying on the past. Passing the torch needs to happen so The Undertaker needs to lose to someone that has tons of potential but isn't quite their yet. I don't want him to face Cena or Brock. They simply do not NEED it. So my Wrestlemania 30 main event is.... The Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt w/ Rowan and Harper NO DQ Bray Wyatt needs to be the biggest heel in the business and carry the
  2. My final 3 in the Royal Rumble would be Reigns, Ambrose and CM Punk. Punk shockingly gets eliminated. Ambrose and Reigns turn to each other. The fans stand up like "Oh ****!" They go at it and Reigns wins. Cena wins the title before Mania. My Wrestlemania Card Main Event The Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt CM Punk vs. Stone Cold WWE Championship Match John Cena © vs. Roman Reigns #1 Contenders Match for WWE Title Rob Van Dam vs. Daniel Bryan
  3. My thoughts on WWE The Rock needs to retain his title at Wrestlemania. But Ziggler needs to cash in Money in the Bank and win the WWE title. Having Ziggler win the World title seems like a waste of a great moment. People complain about Ziggler not getting his moment but if it was being saved for this it would be worth it. I love having Rock and Brock back. These 2 get the crowds going more so than any other wrestlers. I think the Shield is great. I can see all 3 superstars being WWE Champion one day. I think The Great Khali segments are a complete waste of time. I actually think Brodus h
  4. I would want to see him. If your ready for Wrestlemania 30 give me a hell yeah!
  5. Wrestlemania 28 The Rock vs. Cena Wrestlemania 29 John Cena vs. The Undertaker (Cena turns into a full fledged heel beating the Undertaker in heelish fashion) Wrestlemania 30 Stone Cold Steve Austin vs.John Cena
  6. anyone know where i can stream survivor series without having to pay for it? cant justify 45 bucks to see 1 match.
  7. What if Miz is the leader of the group and its the Miz World Order. That might be more interesting. Survivor Series. Im calling it right now. Nash, Del Rio, Miz, Truth and Swagger vs. Rock, Cena, Punk, Sheamus and Ryder. Even though Nash will probably not wrestle whatsoever.
  8. What if the anonymous general manager was that lauranitus guy? very anti climactic but atleast we would get a answer.
  9. LOL I had a very similar idea the other day. First off the name of the stable is the "Anti-Cena" Nation R Truth should be the leader not MVP. Mark Henry is a original member of the nation so cut his hair short again so he has his "old" look. Have Ezekial Jackson join the group under the new name Zeke Jacks. And finally have Kofi join when instead of coming to Cenas aide he gets in the ring and round house kicks Cena. the Anti Cena Nation is not just against Cena (but defenitly hate him) but are against the idea of the cookie cutter Champions that Vince likes.
  10. Getting excited looking forward to seeing CM Punk and Randy Orton. To great entrances and wrestlers.
  11. WWE Capitol Punishment WWE Championship Match John Cena © vs. R-Truth
  12. Without looking honestly would say maybe Bruno Samartino for the longest and Yokuzuna for the least?
  13. Technically yes. But he looks more Samoan. Vince McMahon has never made a true 100% black guy the champ. I.E. Booker T. He was the World Champion not WWE champion. The World title is given to great stars that Vince does not seem worthy of getting the true title. The Great Khali was once the World Champion. No chance Vince would let him win the WWE title. Rey Mysterio was the World Champion not WWE champion. Now Eddie Guerrero did win the WWF title which was a shocker. Especially winning it from Brock Lesnar.
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