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Redskins.com Twitter: Malcolm REINJURES hamstring


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lots of bitterness here.

i'm pretty sure he wasn't asking to be injured. stash him on IR, or that 6 week pup list if it works.

it's a shame, but i'm not going to resort to calling him a loser... it's not like he didn't try. infact, he originally hurt himself trying out in arizona if i remember correctly...

I think he originally pulled a hammy coming out of the womb...


No but seriously, best of luck to the guy. I was hoping (and still am I guess) he finds a way to make the team and produce. His legs have really failed him the last 3-4 years.

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man...this guy is a BUM.

Being injury prone is not synonymous with being a bum. Look at Bob Sanders and the Colts. He has missed more games (47) than played in (45). Is he a bum? When healthy, he's one of the better safeties in the league. Malcolm could theoretically be a good to great receiver (not necessarily elite though) if he can stay healthy.

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