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  1. Well It would seem today that the ship is starting to rock, 980 had a long piece on it, post killed the wiz today, national media starting to talk about it. Thinking Erine doesn't have much time left. Here's hoping they realize and keep losing so something has to give, before he can make dumbass trades to try save his job.... And here's also to hoping Ted hears\listens....
  2. I do get that, but Otto had some much confidence in his shot, and even taking peeps off dribble, really thought he would develop into a different player at this level. I believe now the org stunted his growth and ruined him too.
  3. I dont see that at all, beal is a compliment player for sure, but no way you can make him durant or curry, or porzinges, or lebron... You cant build a team around him, you add him to a team on cusp.
  4. I love this, he was the worst trade, and he has been terrible since he came here.. He plays when he wants and its not just this year, always, he sucks... Steve why was he free at GT, I am lost where he lost the confidence? Was it stupid whittmen? He seemed to have no issues at GT.
  5. Something came to my mind while reading that, in grand scheme of things, Gortats comments last year have a lot more context maybe.... I was so pissed he said that last year, but now maybe there was something to it.
  6. Wow, this is just such a **** show, how in the world can Ted sit by and not doing some thing.... I guess hes not even watching cause if he is, I'm not sure how...
  7. Thats just insane, its so terrible something like that going on and our president no where to be found other than drop some dumb ass twitter bombs. God hep us all. I saw there was a new flare up as I was leaving work, hope all get out and survive. Prayers and thoughts.
  8. You are right but there is so much eye evidence in both hurricane strength, wildfire, flooding, that we cant keep ignoring it. Maybe we are in a cycle, but the fact we keep being as warm or if not setting records has to have something to do with it. And ill give you Tornadic activity was down this year, but also could be result of this trend in difference in ground temp vs air temp is not as much.
  9. You ever have those things you just really dont want to go to, but you committed too and you spend days trying to figure a way out... Uggh... It's cold and rainy and 7:00 on Tuesday night, why oh why did I say yes....
  10. Is there any thought we can actually compete in this sport with the big boys. I say no, outside of football umd rocks in almost every other sport, volleyball, baseball, soccer ect... This is why I was so pissed about choice, how much damage did they just do to all the things we are actually good at. I love taking my daughter to girls basketball games, she loves it, and they do some many cool things to involve her in the experience, But it helps they are a national powerhouse.... not sure it would be as cool to be medicore, because of dumb ass football... We are a basketball school.
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