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Futurama is coming back


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Futurama is coming back! Oh my...Goodness gracious! Of all the dramatic things I've ever seen



It's been a strange road for Futurama, which first aired on FOX and then was resurrected recently as four direct-to-DVD movies that were then re-cut into new episodes for Comedy Central. Whether the series would continue at all after that has been murky - until now that is, as we're hearing more episodes are indeed in the pipeline.

Collider.com reports that an inside source tells them that Comedy Central has ordered 13 new episodes of the series, comprising another season. Collider notes that this is still technically a rumor, but that they have been given word that the Futurama production offices have been opened and casting has begun for upcoming episodes - Don't worry, we assume that's guest actors, not any move to replace the main cast.

Haven't seen the show in years but from what I faintly remember it wasn't that bad. Bite my shiny metal butt ;)

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Comedy Central resurrects 'Futurama'

New episodes begin airing mid-2010

By Nellie Andreeva

June 9, 2009, 05:12 PM ET

Updated: June 9, 2009, 07:14 PM ET

"Futurama" is coming back.

Taking a page from the "Family Guy" resurrection guidebook, the canceled Fox animated comedy is returning with an order from Comedy Central for 26 new episodes to run over two seasons.

"Futurama" creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen already are working on stories for the new batch of episodes of the sci-fi cartoon, slated to premiere on Comedy Central in mid-2010.


I love the show and I have been waiting for this to happen.

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Jesus, does the search ever works for ES? I tried search several different ways and got nothing posted on this. Oh well, Mods close or merge as you please.

nah, it rarely works. Best you can do is search the front page, maybe the second if you feel so inclined.

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Crap like this and Family Guy get second chances while good stuff like Love Monkey die after 1 season.

Family Guy? Yeah, I'll hand that to you as crap.

Futurama, on the other hand is full of awesome and win and thou shalt not speak poorly of it.

Arrested Development is another Fox show deserving of resurrection.

Andy Barker P.I. is deserving of an initial chance to begin with.

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