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  1. If that is a real Theisman jersey it won't have the word "Redskins" on it. They didn't add that to the jersey until 2002. No logo either. And we are probably keeping the color scheme, so I don't see a reason to retire it.
  2. I'm a member of their Reserve Society so I have a ton of their stuff. They make some killer beers. Awesome barrel aged beers and sours. They also some make some very average beers. Mischief is probably their best regular offering (their specialty is really their, well, special release stuff.) ---------- Post added October-27th-2012 at 10:28 AM ---------- You probably run across their anniversary beer. Wax dipped bottle? Fruet? It is worth the $30.
  3. I love the few beers I've had from Hill Farmstead. Would also love to try a lot more. Interested in a trading parker in San Diego? I don't think there is anyone in the world making IPAs like Alpine and Pizza Port. Be happy to send you some of those to test your "best brewery in the country" theory.
  4. He took the fight and short notice while still waiting for his arm to heal.
  5. Which 1st row link is working best for you guys? Having some issues with #4
  6. Nice job on the review. I noticed you poured out the whole bottle of the aged one (sediment and all) and only part of the fresh one (no sediment). I always try to leave the sediment in the bottle. I know some people don;t. Just noticed a slight difference in the pour.
  7. I'm hoping to see 2 repeats of your sinature. Stann on Bisping and Vitor on Jones.
  8. I went to high school in PR. Great times/no good beer. I heard they have Ballast Point now though. Have to pretty much stick to ****tails there. If you feel the "when in Rome" moment you can handle a Medalla or 3. In HS we used to order Coronas, drink the neck, and then have them pour a shot of Bacardi Limon in instead of adding a lime. I call them Puerto Rican Coronas. Make sure you plug the bottle and turn it upside down so the rum doesn't sit on the top. If you make it back to Old San Juan and walk by a bar called "El Batey" pop in there for a second. I spent my Junior and Senor year
  9. I am going to try and put a serious dent in my 300+ bottles tonight. Invited a bunch of beer geeks over and told them all they better not bring any beer with them. My stash is out of control.
  10. That old Loose Cannon is going to suck. My prediction is you don't finish the glass. IPAs or built to be drank fresh. The hops will be gone and the malt bill won't be string enough to really hold it's own after that long.
  11. That is too bad. Even more surprising that he wasn't subbed out with a yellow in the books. Do you watch a lot of Roma? If you do I'd like to nominate you for weekly Bradley updates. TIA.
  12. Bradley went 90 for Roma today despite getting a yellow in the 12th. He rewarded his new team with an assit to tie the game in injury time. Great long pass and amazing finish by Lopez http://youtu.be/kvN1keV9GRw?t=5m41s
  13. I just always hear it called "Pizza Port Bottleshop" or "Carlsbad Bottleshop". Pretty sure Pizza Port owns it.
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