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  1. That’s actually slightly more than I expected. It’s low guarantees though so I’m still guessing they can get out of it (and probably will want to) before the end of the contract. 8 mil AAV puts him in the Jimmy Graham/Rob Gronkowski area which I suppose is fair. Lower than the contracts signed by the top free agents like Hooper, Henry and Jonnu Smith the last two offseasons. So in theory would probably be a discount compared to what he might have gotten next offseason if he has another good year.
  2. At the moment I think there won’t be many major needs next offseason, so we can really focus our attention and resources on the QB situation. But I’d order the priorities like this. Major priorities: 1. QB (Re-sign Fitz? Big name vet? First round rookie?) 2. OL (We’ll have a decent core of Roullier, Schweitzer, Cosmi and Charles but we’ll need at least one starter maybe two with Leno, Lucas and Scherff all on expiring deals and Flowers unlikely to be on the team at his $10M cap number) Could be a major need but might depend on how this year goes: 3. S (Coll
  3. Really curious to see the terms on this one. I like Thomas but he’s 30 already and has had one good year. I hope we didn’t overpay but if it’s a reasonable contract we could have possibly locked him up before we’d have to pay him even more next offseason. A little bit of a risk/reward move to do it now.
  4. These are about the best terms I think we could have reasonably expected. Very happy about this! For comparison Leonard Williams signed a 3 year, $63 million deal with $45 mil guaranteed with the Giants this offseason.
  5. I like Patterson too, but how do I take the other side of this bet? He’s more likely to be cut than be our #2 RB.
  6. If he gets beat out by better players that’s fine. I’m just saying his contract works in his favor at this point, not against him. And I’m not convinced there are more than 3 corners on the roster better than Moreland.
  7. PFF just called him our best value in terms of veteran contracts. (Admittedly we don’t have a lot of veterans on long term deals, but still). 10m for a starter quality cornerback, even if they play mostly nickel, is not bad. I do think he’s best at nickel and it would be a huge benefit to this D if Juice is good enough to push Fuller inside. Not about to cut him for the cap space though.
  8. I don’t think Roberts’ contract necessarily works in his favor vs Moreland. We would save basically the same amount in cap space from cutting either Roberts or Moreland (850k). Moreland still has two years left on his rookie deal at low cap hits of around $1 mil per. In a vacuum, I’d say that’s more valuable than Roberts one year deal at 1.6M. That said, I think we keep both as our 4th and 5th corners. I’d rather have both of those guys than Apke or Danny Johnson.
  9. Ionnadis measured 6-3.5 at the combine and Payne measured 6-2.5. Does look like more than an inch difference in that picture though. Could be a perspective thing.
  10. This is going to be an interesting battle. None of these guys are even close to roster locks. Good opportunity for someone to make the roster that might not otherwise. But if no one particularly stands out… gonna be a tough decision.
  11. The insanity of getting vaccinated against a disease that’s killed millions of people over the last year being a “political” issue aside… if Sweat misses games next season because he’s on the COVID list, will it be a football issue then? Or should we respect his personal choice? How did the same people defending him for this feel about him missing OTAs? Shouldn’t you want him to do whatever possible to stay on the field?
  12. Vaccines aren’t 100% effective unless enough people get them to achieve herd immunity. Not to mention there are certain people that for medical reasons can’t be vaccinated. Hell, at this point children under 12 can’t even be vaccinated yet. That’s the big deal. Oh and for purely selfish football reasons, if he gets COVID, he can’t play. So there’s that, even if you choose not to care about the world around you.
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