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Top 10 obsessions


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What are the top 10 things you are obsessed with right now??

My top 10 obsessions right now:

1) Kris Allen (you all knew this)

2) Jen Lancaster (author of some very funny memoirs- Bitter in Black; Bright Lights, Big Ass; and Such a Pretty Fat) I think she just released a new one, too...but I LOVE them. She's so sarcastic and her humor is just like mine!

3) Emily Giffin (other favorite author)

4) The Jon and Kate Plus 8 scandal (obviously)

5) I'll add Redskins football, but that should be a given

6) kohl black eyeliner- everyday, no matter what

7) Powerade Zero...especially the blue flavor

8) SOJA (I never stop being obsessed with them)

9) my new-ish haircut and highlights..... All I do is buy stuff to complement it and make it look goooood

10) COUNTDOWN TO SUMMER VACATION!!!! 42 calendar days!!!!

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honorable mention number 11- my black wedge sandals and my brown wedge sandals... they're exactly the same style and everything, just different colors. I wear them almost every day. I LOVE them. They are comfortable, I can wear them all day at work, and they're HOT!

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1. Capitals Hockey - Paloffs is NOW!!!

2. Extremeskins.com - :doh:

3. Arizona Iced Teas - I really can't drink enough of these.

4. Redskins football - Only this low due to the offseason.

5. The Office - Easily one of my favorite shows on TV

6. Clementines - Every time I open the fridge I fine myself getting one.

7. Golf - It's that time of year again!!!!

8. Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat - Can't get enough of this beer

9. Wale - One of the best Artists out right now.

10. Fantasy Football - Hopefully I can keep it to under 10 leagues this year :doh:

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women are always going to be #1 so thats a given.

1. The Washington Redskins

2. My Final Exams

3. Digital Audio


5. Computers

6. Lost

7. Full Throttle Energy Drinks

8. Teaching my dogs new tricks

9. Berating people who don't adopt dogs :silly:

10: Saving money on entertainment

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1)My photography

2) My bills

3)HDR photography

4)My computer

5) My torn pec


7)Pepsi Max zero

8) No comment

9) Photomatix and Hydra (See 1 and 3)

10)24 :)

Most subject to change of course.

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1. Continuing to beat and get better at poker

2. Getting to Australia by the end of summer/early fall

3. I obsess and worry about things that aren't healthy. I think i'm a slight hypochondriach or maybe just have excess anxiety.


5. The Office

6. Finding something that I will love to do as a career....what that is I don't know. Hence the one year get away to Australia. I'm scared that I will never find something I truly love to do. And **** doing something you don't enjoy.

7. Getting around to beating FF12 (I'm at the end of the game basically)

8. Start playing Metal Gear Solid 3

9. Get a PS3 (bout time right?)

10. Continuing to get better at my current job

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1. Finding a decent field practicum

2. Crispy Chicken Salad from Red Robbin

3. "PINK" champagne

4. Planning my honeymoon

5. Getting in better shape

6. Keeping the house clean

7. Trish McEvoy "Wild Blackberry Vanilla" scented candles

8. Fresh flowers - I like to put them everywhere in my house

9. Fresh strawberries sold on roadside stands near my house, OMG, they are SOOOO good I could cry

10. Kiwi-Strawberry Vitamin water, yummy

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Um, here's mine...

1) The Redskins

2) my girlfriend

3) Extremeskins

4) the-west.net (can't believe I'm playing another of these games)

5) money

6) my guitar

7) my two nieces

8) poker

9) cooking

10) losing weight

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In no particular order:

1. Anticipating summer's imminent arrival.

2. Radiohead's "Karma Police"

3. Dexter

4. Of course, the 'Skins

5. My new off-campus apartment

6. Procrastinating on finals papers

7. Any Madden 10 news

8. Jim Butcher

9. "The Pleasure of My Company"

10. Pursuit of chicas. I am a semi-newly available man!

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1. money

2. my 1st ever niece (9 months)

3. family guy

4. xbox 360 (online)

5. ensures ( both vanilla & chocolate )

6. brazil (2nd home)

7. redskins (my life)

8. my girlfriend (not really obsessed though)

9. game development

10. pornhub...

honorable mention:

-mari-ju-wana (should really be up there)

-warehouse parties


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1. Eating cleanly

2. Working out

3. Blackhawks hockey

4. Redskins football (below hockey for now....)

5. Finding an HD camera for the NIN show tomorrow

6. 24

7. Finding clothes that fit me now and getting rid of the old ones (going from an XL to a M does this to you)

8. Planning ways to get pre-sale tickets for Creed and Green Day

9. Red' and 12 Stones' latest CDs

10. Finding a rocker chick

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1. Softball-it's just starting and I love it.

2. Red Wings Hockey-They better not dissappoint me this year.

3. Hating Cindy Crosby-I serisously hate that son of a *****.

4. Softballfans.com-by far my favorite message board. Sorry, don't be mad.

5. Grilling-It's just kicking into gear. I love the smell of a wood burning!!

6. the band Seether-I just got all there albums. Love that band.

7. Softball Stuff-I have way too much but it's never enough

8. My Dog-he's been depressed so I spend as much time with him as I can.

9. Facebook. God what has my life come to.

10. GRANDMOM-She was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer in her lungs about a month ago. I'm obsessed with making her remaining years as pleasent and fun as possible.

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add Jay & Silent Bob: Strikes back, to mine. as well as...

-my girls queen size bed.

-my two cats ( capo&precious )

-my tattoos ( ladies love the tats ) more to come.

-Burger Kings' Oreo Shake

-Lunchables (turkey)

-Panormous Pizza (pizza hut)

-Double Cheese Burgers (McD)




-Mike & Mike in the morning


-G1 (google phone)

-MacBook Pro (which i am currently on)

-last but not least....IHOP

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