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  1. How do you remove sentimentality? I used to just fix stuff myself so I'd offset labor and just buy a part. My dad bought a Mercedes-Benz ML320 when it first came out back in '98. It was in Jurassic Park: The Lost World, and it left me with so much love for the W163. It's almost 17 years old now and still running fine. Everything works except the gas gauge. Its become a 3rd vehicle nowadays and mostly used for towing (5,000lb no prob) so its nice to have. Cheap to insure as well. Last few years the cooling has been problematic. First wouldn't blow cool, recharged the system (
  2. thanks for the advice. Turns it out was indeed a bad alternator. Got it checked at AAZ so I am pretty sure. The fuse box looks fine and so do the cables. Now I just need to find a place that can do the repair for cheap. I would try it myself but I'm in Richmond (VCU) and no tools or even a garage here.
  3. thanks. I am taking the car to Advanced Auto Parts today since they can check it out for free. I took a closer look as well today and it looks like all the connections are secure. The belt also looks good so every thing is pointing to the alternator. Kind of weird for it to go out after only 35k miles. Maybe its because for 3 years I had a pretty loud system in the car.
  4. I have a quick question about my 2004 VW Jetta GL 2.0L. So the generator light (looks just like a battery) came on about a week go and just yesterday the car really started to falter. Stereo would shut off on its own and putting the windows up or down would cause the car to stutter and nearly stall. I replaced the battery today with a quality Optima one (overkill most likely) and that fixed the power issue but the warning light is still on. I've been doing some research and it sounds like it could be the alternator, belt or even a faulty fuse. The car isn't having any issues with power right
  5. http://www.yooouuutuuube.com/v/?rows=16&cols=16&id=pAwR6w2TgxY&startZoom=1 its hypnotic
  6. its because with syfy they can use it to market the brand. sci fi is too widely used to be just related to the channel. its all about money and brand recognition. it was a smart and necessary move for them.
  7. just ordered a weber 1520 portable gas grill. will be perfection for my small patio and tailgating. cant wait to get it
  8. wheres your apartment? i live in the fan on grove ave.
  9. i went to one of their concerts at Nation in DC in like 2001 or something. It was pretty bad ass. I bought Rammstein shirt there Too bad its worn down to hell.
  10. this fails not because of the miata but because ASTON is misspelled.
  11. It doesn't help much when we misspell "confirmation".
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