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  1. I love how they put "sponsors" before "fans and community" in the press release.
  2. Curious to know if there is anybody around here that isn't excited about the change? I get that there's nothing we can do about it, but I personally feel too emotionally attached to the name, the history and the current logo to ever see myself rooting for another team... I also understand that most of you guys are from DC, which might help a bit. I have definitely lost interest in the Redskins over the past few years but I kept hoping that a better coaching staff, FO or a franchise QB would eventually re-ignite the fire. A name change is definitely not going to do it for me. I might stick arou
  3. I need to hit F5 every 10 sec because have no account. Is it the same for you guys?
  4. anybody knows if a link will be available on justin.tv tonight? Thanks
  5. I guess it has to be PG-13 if you want to post it here.
  6. lmao I love this thread!! keep 'em coming.
  7. I agree with you. What's wrong with having 90s type of unifrom. I hate it when teams try to innovate by changing logos or stuff like that.
  8. the very last picture is hilarious :rotflmao:
  9. I found those pics and thought I would share Sorry if it has been post before.
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