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  1. After you scratch your ***, do you sniff your fingers?
  2. idk either, you should go check it out though, and let me know why.
  3. So why are you Yelling and Cursing, as if you did. I agree though, it is a little tooooo much ( 100x worst that 2 girls 1 cup ) As bad as the vid is, still doesn't mean people DON'T want to watch it. I'm sure you haven't watched the crazy girl throwing puppies into the rivers. A video many of ESers recommended not watching, though posted on this board.
  4. Is it really THAT BAD? I haven't watched it.
  5. Hey Mods, that link may be taken it too far, but i'm sure, whether it be on this site or not, people here, will probably watch this vid. But if you want me to delete, i will.
  6. lol i havent watched the vid. But i heard it was horrible. I apologize. I figure since someone posted the crazy girl throwing dogs, i post this freak murder. Sorry All.
  7. Since i lost my privilege.. Can someone start a thread on this PLEASE.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOc4XgBespw Classic! lmaoooooo
  9. You just named some pretty AMAZING -unhealthy food- that i would die for right now.
  10. i love campbell, but i swear thats all he had in 7 attempts last week. So no matter how you try to slice it, that ONE pass from Vick for 10 yds, was just as much from someone whose the starter. Thats Vicks 1st action in 2 YEARS.
  11. Hey, i'm like everyone else. Maybe i shouldnt have started this, but thats what i feel will possibly happen.
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