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Who trucked Samuels? Betts or Portis?


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Hey guys my friends are disagreeing with me here and we need some help. I think it was Portis who trucked Samuels right before getting taken down. They think it was betts. Lil' help here.

BTW go friggin redskins. I think we looked way better than last year in almost every facet of the game. We had a deep ball. We opened run lanes against a great defense. And our defense did everything we didnt do last year. Near turnover opportunities. No running lanes. We looked better on defense than we did in 05 in my opinion considering the fact that we hardly blitzed today. We bring back the blitz and the number one spot could be ours. HAIL!

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Who remembers when Betts slammed in to the back of Terence Newman in the blowout of '05? Shades of that. Gotta love how Betts rolls downhill like a freight train.

I definitely remember that joint. Ran him down like that little kid on the movie Little Giants! :laugh:

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