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  1. No. Just carefully click all of the small X's to get all of the crap off the screen.
  2. I'm only getting Brit crap on the Zunox site. Try this (not sure if HD or SD): http://hdfree.tv/watch/22/washington-redskins-vs-baltimore-ravens.html
  3. I got rid of HBO, Showtime, and all the rest .. except for Starz because I watch Encore Westerns a lot .. at least a dozen years ago when boxing got to be so boring (I miss the good old days of Bowe/Holyfield, Tyson/Holyfield, etc) and began to be loaded with nothing but Mexican boxers. But I do still keep DirecTV for NFL-ST and the sports packages. With all of the cord cutting going on, I look forward to when they make it more a la carte. My wife & I honestly only watch about 5-6 channels anymore. TV programming is just awful and it is getting hard to justify the expense, EXCEPT for footb
  4. Well, I probably "violate" the terms of agreement, but I use a video capture device and save all of the games to my HTPC for later watching, usually during the long dry spell of offseason. I just feel that I've paid a king's ransom the last 21 years on NFL-ST and DirecTV so I'm going to make it worthwhile, and NO .. I'm not also going to give them another 100 clams to re-watch a game that I already paid for and recorded for my personal use. An HD-PVR will set you back ~$150 and is well worth the price for several years of use. The blackout rules for pre-game, post-game, local shows like "R
  5. The cricket streams that smooters posted worked for me without an excessive amount of worry for virii. Still, you have to click on the practically invisible x's and not the big X that is obvious (that will open up a popup for a betting site). I started with Link 3 (I think) and it got shut down after about a quarter, so I tried Link 6 and it worked fine the rest of the game. And yeah .. I thought that Flash on websites was supposed to be over about 5 years ago and we were supposed to be almost exclusively HTML5?! It appears that we are every bit as much reliant on crappy Flash as we ever
  6. That's what I hate about these streams. Click on the wrong thing and you're downloading a virus. I always just look for the tiny, hidden little x's. (If only the NFL wanted my damn 20 bucks.)
  7. Thanks, man. I apparently am no good at searching for these streams anymore.
  8. The problem is, the usual techs that DirecTV sends out aren't good enough or willing to spend the time (usually both) to tweak the dish for the best signal on all 5 LNBs to alleviate most instances of rain fade. I know there are some good ones (they post on the DBS, AVS and SS forums all the time), unfortunately none of them live in my area. So, I bought an expensive meter and tweak it and replace parts myself whenever necessary. I understand most people aren't willing to do that. But the result for me is FAR better than the crappy cable in my area! Now .. Since the NFL has left us out of
  9. I concur. As I mentioned above, I've subscribed to NFL-ST since 1994. I live in the thunderstorm capitol of the country and I have never missed a minute of a game. Now if football season started in the Summer, then it might be an occasional problem. But the cable companies have beaten that to death and it's ridiculous. I had WAY more problems with cable than a very occasional rain outage with DirecTV that only lasts a couple of minutes and then it's back to crystal clear picture. That's why I fired them 21 years ago and will never go back.
  10. Reliability with DirecTV is better (in my experience) than cable. In fact, I fired my cable system back in 1994 and went to the upstart DirecTV (I used to have to pay two bills; one to DirecTV and another to USSB for all of the programming). Another plus was that they had Sunday Ticket. The plus to changing to DTV was that the picture is crystal clear and the outages due to weather are WAY overplayed by cable companies! First, you will only lose signal in the HEAVIEST part of a HEAVY thunderstorm. It may last a few seconds, or a couple of minutes. Generally, the types of storms that will cause
  11. That's just stupid! I wonder if they ever considered that many of us pay for NFL-ST and thus have ZERO need to pay for a full season of GamePass, but would spring a few bucks for preseason since they lock us out of market fans out from seeing preseason games? So, I guess I'll just have to go back to hunting for free pirated streams on the innerwebz because that's our only venue. The NFL is just going all to hell!
  12. I've done streams before but usually they are so damn unreliable and often they are crap. Also, by time you actually find one that works and click through 37 screens while being extra careful NOT to click a link that will download a virus, it's halftime. And often, the streams are shut down before the end of the game. IOW .. way too damn frustrating to see maybe a quarter or two in bad quality. That is why I went ahead and paid the 5, 10, 15 bucks the last 2 or 3 seasons to watch the preseason games. But I can't for the life of me find a link for subscribing to JUST the preseason games this ye
  13. That's why I went ahead and invested in one of these http://www.solidsignal.com/pview.asp?p=AIM&d=AIM-Advanced-Installation-Signal-Meter-for-DIRECTV-Satellite-Dishes-%28AIM%29&sku=610370580820&q=meter last year. The buffoons that DirecTV sends made me go ahead and bite the bullet. There ARE cheaper meters that would do fine, and you can sometimes find slightly used ones on eBay, but this one is the best and makes the isntall extremely fast and easy to get MAX signal strength. You can also use the on screen meters from the DVR and come pretty close, but it's not possible if you don'
  14. Does anyone understand/know what the hell the NFL is doing with the streaming of preseason games this year? I usually sign up about this time, but all I can find is crap about the whole season. https://www.nfl.com/gamepass I don't need the whole season because I pay a buttload for NFL-ST. Honestly, they should throw in preseason games for what they charge us for NFL-ST every year!
  15. I've had DirecTV and NFL-ST since 1995. DirecTV's customer service is not as good as it used to be. Their customer service sucks these days. I was hoping that the AT&T/DirecTV merger would help, but I have AT&T phone+U-verse DSL service, and they suck too. All in all; DirecTV is about the same as any of the other cable/sat services. They treat existing customers like crap and new subscribers like gold. Still, it is the only way for me to see Skins games every week. Looks like I too will have to call this week or next and try to get one of my DVRs replaced (it's a 15 year old faulty pi
  16. I see the Crackgirlz brought their refs as usual. Pack 7 Crackgirlz 0 Refs 7
  17. Thanks for that! After getting screwed over, taking 3 hours of my time (during a slightly over 3 hour game) two weeks ago, and charged twice and yet STILL not getting to see anything but the last 3 minutes of the game by the NFL, I absolutely REFUSE to give them another penny for any streaming. What a debacle that was, and I told them so several times. Now, they want $14.99 (geez .. a whole $5 discount from the four game package with only half left to go .. what a ripoff! Especially when it will be free on the NFL network at 700am tomorrow) for the last two games?!
  18. WHY in the name of bloody hell would he want to do that?! The ONE thing that is offensive about the name 'Washington Redskins' is the word 'Washington!' That's a name change I WILL support!
  19. EXACTLY! I will NOT allow the perpetually-offended PC crowd shame me nor anyone else into thinking that ANY of us lifelong Redskins fans EVER were "racists!" I have always had a great deal of respect for the American Indians/Native Americans while still being a fan of a team that I believe pays respect to those of red skin. These vermin have an agenda, just like every one of their PC agendas of the last 30 years. As a 50-something year Skins fan, I've had quite enough of the PC jerks! And I will be the first to tell them where they can stick their whiny little crybaby agenda! All of you wh
  20. Your entire post is testament to why I do NOT want to change the name under any circumstances! I will not bow to political correctness. I will not let the losers win. I hope that Dan stands firm in his intent to never change the name!
  21. So, why is it "unacceptable today" but it wasn't 10, 20, 30, 50 years ago? I think we have become a nation of perpetually offended politically correct losers whom have no ability to tolerate the fact that every human being has a difference of opinion on just about any matter. And it is those INtolerant whom have decided that no one has a right to say or think anything different from them. I grew up with people who were able to laugh at themselves and each other. I remember growing up seeing Don Rickles offend EVERYONE on TV, but people of all races and religion laughed their asses off. Now,
  22. As a child of the 60s/70s, I remember fondly the good old days when a good 'Pollock' joke was told every 3 minutes. Some of the best I heard were from actual, real live Pollocks! This country has lost the ability to laugh at ourselves. The 'politically correct' have polarized everyone! Heck .. if Dan chooses to rename the team (which I oppose), as lifelong white guy, I would not be in the least offended by the "Washington Honkies." And I would bet that the name would not elicit the nonsense that the current name does. Mostly from PC, perpetually offended, uptight white people! What's n
  23. I'm for Dan sticking with the name, and sticking it to all of the perpetually offended in this country. "Ooh .. I'm offended at you using the term "..." " "Ooh, I'm offended that you don't condone my choice of lifestyle" "Ooh, I'm offended that you're not offended just like I am offended .." I would love to stick it in the faces of these whiners at a Super Bowl! I'm SO SICK of the bedwetting whiners in this country who think that EVERYONE must agree with them! Or else they will take your job and your company away. It's time to put our feet down and step up to these whiners before they take
  24. Yeah, that is true. I heard a speaker once who talked about the ratio of lawyers to engineers, and that the numbers reversed in the late 70s. I always believed that America's best days were ahead of her, but I am increasingly believing of late that we are in steep decline. I'm apparently not alone, because the rest of the world is already taking advantage of our demise. Not that this directly has anything to do with the Redskins, or changing/not changing the name .. Regardless, they put their names to paper.
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