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I'm so pumped for the fight tonight, yet have no guaranteed why to watch it. Hoping to be able to be around and find something. Almost thinking of waiting and downloading in the morning. I'm expecting this to be one the best fights I've seen which means I will surely be let down...

I think Diaz shows he is a class ahead tonight. I'm a total homer here though. I love Condit, I just really think Diaz is in mid stride and it will take the very best to put a stop to his run. Diaz by sub after dropping Condit with body head combos.

Werdum-Nelson is real interesting. I think Nelson is JJ savy enough to stay out of a sub so I think he wins a decision.

Kos rides one out too.

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one of the worst accidental low blows I have seen from a kick. might stop the fight.

edit: he looks good to go now but right after he was rolling around the octagon.

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aw man another nutshot just as bad.

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One of my HS football coaches had the cure for nutshots. Dude needs to sit indian style, extend his arms out to the side. And have someone lift from under his arms and bounce him up and down on his butt. You'll be good to go. It worked for us. :ols:

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Barao looks really sharp in all areas, love his jab. He has good reach for the division and he uses it well. Surprised at his takedown defense, didn't know it was that good.

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Barao has to fix that gas tank by the time he gets his title shot, which could be his next fight.

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GSP ruined Koshceck, he doesn't react well to punches anymore.

K-1 Koscheck is in the building, the one who forgets he once won a national championship in wrestling.

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