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  1. Diaz brothers are entirely overrated. They have no chance against top talent. GSP would demolish Nick the same way.
  2. Anyone have a link? firstrow.eu seems to be caput.
  3. Not sure what the hell that was at the end. But Evans had nothing for Jones. Who's next?
  4. Evans won't last much longer at this rate.
  5. It's difficult to watch a fight where the guy finishes that strong and doesn't get the decision.
  6. Yup, and it looks like it did cost him the fight.
  7. I think that may be the first time I've ever seen someone showboat and play to the crowd like that in that situation.
  8. Always enjoyed watching the WEC for that very reason. The action, speed and technique of the lighter fighters is really fun to watch.
  9. I'm wondering what world some people are living in. Henderson landed more shots than Edgar did in every round except for round 1. More strikes, more damage. The only equalizer Edgar had was take downs where he had 5 vs. Henderson, but he didn't do anything with those take downs. And it's kind of cancelled out by Henderson's submission attempts. Edgar was just flat out beat down by Henderson. It wasn't a close fight.
  10. Would like to see a Pettis vs. Henderson rematch.
  11. That's what I thought. Would love to see a rubber match though.
  12. Count me as one who'd be surprised if Henderson doesn't get this.
  13. It's cause he's getting his ass kicked. Broken nose and airflow plays a big role too.
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