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UFC 135: I have no joke for this event.

Takanori "The Fireball Kid" Gomi vs. Nate "Nick's brother" Diaz: Nate will start slow, taking big shots from Gomi. If he survives them, he'll get some takedowns and submit Fireball. However, Gomi may be hungry for some payback after Nick subbed him handily... while stoned out of his mind. I don't recall Nate ever being knocked out, so-

Diaz by triangle. Round 3.

Mark Hunt vs. Ben Rothwell: Wow. I guess Rothwell for youth and conditioning.

Big Ben. TKO. Round 2.

Matt "Country Boy won't survive" Hughes vs. Josh "The Blue Lagoon" Koscheck: I cannot believe Matt took this fight. I know he shocked the world when he KOed Almeida but this is another level of crazy altogether. I will be cheering loud for Matt Hughes, but I think he's too old for Kos.

Koscheck. GnPKTFO. Round 2.

Quentin "Rampage" Jackson vs. Jon "Bones" Jones: I do not want to see Rampage laid out like Wandy or Rua laid him out in Pride, but that's the image that keeps flashing in my mind when I consider the possibilities of this matchup. Until someone beats Bones, it's just not possible to pick against him. What he did to a master like Shogun was downright frightening. I don't wanna predict a loss for one of my fave UFC characters...

Let's just say "Go, Rampage, go." :(

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UFC 135: I think Rampage wants his belt back

Nick Diaz vs. Takanori Gomi: Diaz will apply pressure standing, Gomi has all the power though. Diaz has shown a good chin in the past but he shouldn't stand and trade with Gomi. If played smartly, Diaz would force this action to the ground where he has an advantage, but nobody will ever confuse the Diaz brothers with MENSA students. Diaz stays in Gomi's zone long enough for Gomi to land a power shot.

Gomi by (T)KO, 2nd Round

Travis Browne vs. Rob Broughton: Broughton is not anything special, Browne should have no problems in this one.

Browne by (T)KO, Round 1

Ben Rothwell vs. Mark Hunt: The real star of this bout is Hunt's agent/manager who somehow figures out a way to get him MMA fights. Same story with every Hunt fight, he'll be a danger on the feet, but Rothwell will take him down and sub him in short order.

Rothwell by Submission, Round 1

Matt Hughes vs. Josh Koscheck: Hughes is a legend, but he's facing a man who's better in every area except submissions. I'd be shocked if Hughes could take Koscheck down. On the feet, Hughes is too slow to really threaten with anything. As long as Koscheck isn't doubting himself based on the beating GSP put on him, he should win this easily.

Koscheck by (T)KO, Round 2

Jon Jones vs. Rampage: No need for lengthy analysis here. Rampage has but 2 options to win this fight, land the kill shot and hope Jones doesn't have a chin or drag this fight in the 4th & 5th rounds to test Jones' gas tank. Outside of pure punching power, Jones literally has the advantage everywhere else in this fight. I think he uses his reach to stay out Rampage's killzone. He will use a varied striking game that should have Rampage guessing what's coming next. Eventually, he gets the takedown, and finishes it with his patented ground and pound for the victory.

Jones by (T)KO, Round 3

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Hey guys, I remembered one of the ones I was given previously. Try firstrowsports.net, then follow links.

I second this. I don't know how to find sopcast links but usually someone awesome posts one in here; I usually end up watching those. The streams on mmashare are good too but they're really unreliable.

Tony Ferguson is really good.

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Rampage via Decision :)

Strokes? You rock. Go 'Page!

Edit- btw, I swear I heard that guy that Tehuna just KOed going "doooyyyy deerrrrr duuuhhhh" while the ref was lifting him off his own face. No joke. He was vocalizing his unconsciousness.

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Wow this Diaz-Gomi fight is going exactly the opposite way I thought it would. I think Nate Diaz has finally learned to start fast.

Edit- Best Nate Diaz performance ever! (As I say this Joe is saying it too.) :)

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Gomi will collect one more UFC paycheck when they go to Japan, then he'll be cut.

That was slaughter.

Yeah Nate really came back from that loss with a new level of boxing. He subbed Gomi but it's not like he BJJed him to death. He out-Gomied Gomi in the punching game first. Nice night from Nate.

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I connection at work sucks, so I'm not sure if it is the stream or not. 1st row giving anyone else problems? Getting a lot of pauses.

Not just you...1st row is pausing a lot, and I'm at home.

---------- Post added September-24th-2011 at 09:52 PM ----------

I'm switching over to that Kiwisports link to give it a try.

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