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  1. Great win, hilarious seeing that crybaby Noah throw a fit, he got away with way too much BS tonight
  2. Yea that Taker/Brock match was garbage. They should have just had him lose to Punk last year, match was 1000x better.
  3. I don't have Network, did my free trial already. Is there a decent stream of it anywhere? All of First Row's links have the install HD Player ad and you can't click it away
  4. KD was right, Wall was bringing it on D the whole time he was in the game, never played lackadaisical
  5. Wall was asked to be in the skills and dunk contest too, let's hope he does at least 1!
  6. Rice got sent to Iowa D league, but we definitely need to give Porter some burn
  7. Need to pull away and get a bigger lead. Anybody know if any of the firstrow links have Buchhantz and Chenier commentating or are they all bulls? edit: Found a Wiz stream, sweet
  8. I wish firstrow didn't always have streams from the opponents commentators :/
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